Money – Friend or Foe


By Roxanne Kuchciak

How do you feel about money, is money your friend, or is money your enemy?

If you are aligned with money, usually, you will have more money than you can spend. If you are misaligned with money, well, we could talk about that for days. There are so many points of view, judgments, and conclusions about money that can keep you from having


Money is just energy. The thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, programs, and stories about money are what keep money from showing up in our lives. Here are some examples in which your might be using your thoughts, feelings, emotions, patterns, programs, and stories against

your ability to naturally receive money.

Foundational money experience-

What was your experience growing up with money?

Did your family have plenty of money?

Did your family have less money?

Did your family have any money?

It’s very important to acknowledge how your money experience from childhood has taught and formed your current beliefs about money. Have you aligned with your parent’s points of view on money, or have you formed your own beliefs about money? Either way, both can be running in the conscious and subconscious minds.

You can know that you can have money and believe in financial abundance, yet at the same time, you can be running programs of lack. When you are running dual beliefs like: I can have money, and I can’t have money. They cancel each other out. It creates a start-stop pattern.

If you know, you will succeed but are still running any negative experiences about money from childhood. You might slide back into the childhood pattern at any time.

Genetic money beliefs-

So you have a mother and a father, or at least you were created from an egg and sperm. Genetic beliefs about money are carried from your mother and father’s genetic line. Do you know how your ancestors felt about money?

Your mother’s side of the family could be very wealthy and know money is a blessing. Your father’s side of the family could have had just enough money and believed money was a curse. So merging the egg and sperm can hugely impact your current financial situation.

Religious money beliefs-

Many religions tell you it is better to give than to get. You should be of service to others. Money is evil. If you have plenty of money, you are greedy. None of us want to be associated with anything evil; we sure don’t want to be considered greedy. So on an energy level, you might

refuse money, block money, reject money, and still wonder why we don’t receive it.

You can identify and clear these negative beliefs in many ways. Identifying the problem is the first step, clearing the problem is next, and creating beyond the problem is the key to up-leveling your financial reality. Roxanne Kuchciak Creating Beyond LLC

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