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Words have Power

Words have Power

By Laura Moody

This week I started dog training with my puppy Mandy. It had been a long time since I owned a puppy, so I felt this would be beneficial to take some training classes to help me help her. The trainer stressed positive reinforcement in training. Not only the words we use but our tone. I started thinking about how many times my tone of voice got me in trouble. I sometimes have a way of saying things that can often sound derogatory, even when my intention was something else.

Miguel Ruiz, the author of the “Four Agreements,” speaks about the power of our words and how our words can create positive and higher vibrations or can create the energy of death. He also talks about using words to create positive emotions for ourselves as well. For as long as man has had speech, words have been used to cause harm and have been used to bless. For this month, I am focusing on the words I say and my tone. I am focusing on the fact that my words create an energy of blessing or curses. I am focusing on being impeccable with my words. This means choosing to bring life and betterment to each person I meet. I also focus on using my words to create and manifest a positive outcome in my life. This means speaking forth what I want to create with positive intent. I challenge each one of you to do the same.

One of the best ways to start creating and manifesting with words is to use I am phrases. I am a healer; I am healthy, happy, and in the right place at the right time. I encourage you to do this throughout your day.

My dog trainer says that yes, training works much better than no. Yes is positive reinforcement, and using yes training in our lives is extremely helpful.

So I challenge you to be mindful of the words you speak, knowing that they can create life or death. Let’s all raise our energy and those around us by being a yes person!

Laura Moody has been a psychic medium for over thirty years and offers private consultations over the phone. For more on Laura, go to: www.readingsbylaura.net.


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