My Journey with Human Design


By Melody Simmons

On New Year’s Eve of 2020, I had scheduled a reading with a psychic medium TeeJay, aka the Half-Assed Witch. This reading would become one of the most important readings I would ever have. It set me on the path that I am living today. At the time, I was living with my fiancé and our dog. We lived on site of the apartments homes I worked at, a job that brought me down mentally and emotionally. I was unhappy, but my fiancé was content with me doing this job. He was always concerned that I didn’t have a traditional career; this caused tension in the 6-year relationship. I just wanted to be happy, and he just wanted to make money.

The reading I had with TeeJay, whom I found through Instagram, was life-changing. Since the subject of career was such a contentious spot in my relationship, I needed help getting clarity on what I should be doing with my life. When I asked what my career path is, she asked her guides, and she replied, “Oh, you must love numbers.”. I was taken aback; me, loving numbers?! That didn’t seem correct, as I’m terrible with math. I told her this, and she replied, “Well, I don’t know what to say to you, but you’re going to go into Human Design.

I had never heard of Human Design before, and I was nervous to investigate it because of the numbers, but I would come to find out that Human Design is not really about numbers. I put the idea of Human Design aside as I had some cleaning house to do. During that reading, they informed me that my ancestors and his ancestors were in a turf war, and because I work with my ancestors, my team was “winning.” After the reading, I decided that the relationship with my fiancé was not a relationship I wanted to continue. In the end, there were no “winners,” just broken hearts and a displaced Melody. I decided to leave my apartment and let my former partner have it; I then moved in with a friend.

The following six months were me trying to get back on my feet. I was still at the job that I didn’t like, but I got a promotion and was able to stop working with the coworker that was making me miserable. It turns out. Still, I was not too fond of the job, and having more responsibility in a job that stressed me out made me like it even less. I intuitively knew for months that I didn’t belong there. At the end of June, I decided it was time to investigate Human Design; what I discovered was life-changing, both mentally and spiritually.

The Human Design System comprises five different practices: Quantum Physics, Eastern and Western Astrology, The Hindu Chakra System, The Kabbalah Tree of Life, and the Ancient Chinese I’ Ching. To calculate your Human Design, all you need is your birth date, time, and location. Once I put my birth information into a Human Design generator, my Human Design body graph was calculated, and the first thing I noticed was my Aura Type – Projector.

There are five aura types: Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor, and Reflector. Each aura type has its separate strategy. The strategy tells us the best way to navigate our lives. Being a Projector, I learned that I must wait for the invitation. This information blew my mind. I was conditioned to “go out there and just get it done.” This type of thinking can work for certain aura types such as a Generator, Manifesting Generator, or a Manifestor, but learning my Human Design aura type told me that wasn’t the way a Projector should go about life. When it comes to life’s important decisions, such as career, relationships, and where you live, I must be invited to it. To know if the invitation is right for me, I rely on my Authority, my spleen.
My Spleen?! I was so lost; what does that mean? I had so many questions that I had to answer. I was pulled to learn everything I could on Human Design. Simultaneously, I felt another spiritual awakening within me. I became manic, needing to know everything I could about Human Design and the Human Design of those around me. I began obsessively researching online and listened to podcasts with a guest who could read the Human Design body graph. I finally found and purchased Human Design books and got down to business. I knew I had to share what I learned with the world; I quit that job and began my career as a Human Design Reader.

With all this new knowledge, I began my experiment; I would wait for the invitation, which made all the difference. I had been learning and reading the Human Design bodygraph for about a year when I felt compelled to check out the Enlightened Soul Center & Shop in Ann Arbor. I drove past it quite a bit but was never able to make it in. Until I had a break in my day and decided it was time to go inside. I walked in, and the first person I met was Amy Garber, the owner of the ESC. We talked, and I told her I read Human Design charts. Surprisingly, she knew about Human Design and invited me to read at her shop. So now, every Thursday, you can find me professionally reading charts from 1-5 PM. I was also invited to join in on their Psychic Fairs that run on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

If you are interested in knowing why you are the way you are or need guidance on how to properly navigate your life, feel free to make an appointment with me or walk in on Thursdays into the Enlightened Soul Center and ask for Melody.


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