What Beliefs are Driving Your Life?


By Susan deCaussin

Your belief system drives everything – it’s the way you think about others, yourself, and the world. I remember hearing Dr. Wayne Dyer say, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” What lens are you seeing the world through? Is it jaded by your preconceived ideas of what’s possible? Is your perspective a result of the beliefs imposed upon you during your childhood? Do you conform to the views of the media and community groups out of a desire to belong? Perhaps it’s a combination of these different influences that have made your world appear the way it does.

Life isn’t meant to be a piece of cake – it’s a time for learning – a time for soul growth – a time to move from the limitless reality that your soul has come from to where time and space reside—a place that limits you to a physical body and five senses. But while you’re here, in this giant classroom, you can alter your experience by shifting your perspective of everything and everyone in a way that will either increase or decrease the vibration of your energy. Raising your vibration takes you to a happier, more joyful, and healthier experience. While reducing has the opposite effect.

Thoughts that are repeated become beliefs. While conscious thoughts can be shifted by being mindful of outside influences and thought patterns, many thoughts are deeply ingrained into the subconscious mind. Many of these are far beyond conscious memory, causing us to act and react to situations in particular ways without understanding exactly why. This can present as emotional triggers beyond explanation or unwanted habitual behavior (including thought patterns). Positive changes are possible regardless of where those beliefs reside, which are driving unwanted thoughts and behaviors (in the conscious mind or subconscious mind).

Are you able to: easily focus on what’s good in all situations; draw healthy boundaries between yourself and others; feel confident in your skills and abilities; comfortably pursue a career that ignites passion within you? If you answered no to any of these questions and you’d like to create some changes in your life, Hypnotherapy is one way to get there. A simple shift in how you frame your life experiences can completely alter your view of the world, putting you in control of your happiness, security, and future.

I truly believe that anything and everything is possible. And the only things stopping you in life are the self-imposed barriers you hold in your mind. If you’re ready to move beyond those barriers, it’s time to take back your life! Start by purposely releasing the programming that has trained us to expect the worst, look for what’s wrong, and not feel good enough. Then, if you’d like an even bigger boost, let Hypnotherapy help to rewrite and redesign the beliefs held in your subconscious mind. When you shift your perspective, you’ll transform your life into a happier and healthier way of being. 

Susan deCaussin CHt

Healing Methods LLC


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, 

Siwa Murti (Balinese Healing) Practitioner/Teacher, 

Spiritual Advisor



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