Nurture Yourself Through Nurturing Others


Many of us who work hard helping others through healing and service in many ways, take little time to nurture ourselves. While meditation and yoga can help us achieve the ‘Relaxation Response’, a physical state of deep rest associated with the calming effects of relaxation, The Institute of Heart Math found that the patterns generated by compassion and altruism are more effective in bringing relaxation. They found through experimentation that states of mind brought about through caring for others rather than seeking inner peace have even greater health-promoting effects on our immune and nervous systems. Service is not only beneficial to others, but it also heals us!

Rollin McCarthy, from the Institute of Heart Math, explained that love and caring drive our entire bodily system to oscillate at its resonant frequency, which is a state of harmony between our brains and bodies.

If we look at the state of our world, we must agree that harmony is what is needed for the entire planet. We all play a part in bringing about this essential harmony and peace and one way is through love, respect, and understanding for each other.

We have the whole gamut of belief systems on this planet, from no belief at all to a myriad of political, philosophical, religious and spiritual beliefs. I believe harmony can be achieved by finding common ground in different ideologies. I never wanted anyone to ever force their beliefs on me and, even as a child, I always resisted. It is deeply ingrained in me that freedom is precious. The freedom to believe as we choose was hard-won over many lifetimes and it is one that I prize. I think anyone who really prizes freedom would not try to get other people to think as they do. One of the problems we face is that so many people are adamant that their way is the only way. While it is good to be enthusiastic about one’s beliefs, I think it is also important to respect the enthusiasm other people have for theirs.

I recently researched the lives of some great people. Almost all had difficult lives because of others, narrow-minded, jealous people who tried to change them or deprive them of their freedom in some way.

The great healer, Harry Edwards, was a prime example. All he wanted to do was heal people and he did. It is estimated that, over his forty-year healing career, he gave healing to an incredible fourteen million people. It may be difficult to believe but it is true. He was a Christian and he demonstrated true Christianity. It is even harder to believe that certain members of the Christian Church, instead of thanking him and asking them to teach them, organized a commission of Bishops and clergymen, together with doctors and a psychologist, to try to stop him!

He was a controversial figure because, as well as being a devout Christian, he was also a natural psychic. The profound success of his healing work was in part because he worked closely with the doctors, Louis Pasteur, and Joseph Lister, from the Other Side.

As most people of destiny are and, indeed, have to be, Harry Edwards was also a courageous man. No amount of commissions set against him could stop him from practicing this great religion of spirituality in action, or service to others, which is the very basis of Christianity. He was also an absolutely astounding healer, another tenet of Christianity.

Tragically, when Harry Edwards’ healing abilities cured people and when people unable to walk started walking around the room, completely cured, he was accused by these narrow-minded people of doing ‘devil’s work.’

I am not saying this to criticize the Orthodox Church which has also done a tremendous amount of good and continues to do so. I am just illustrating the absurdity of his situation; because his own Christian beliefs were slightly different from those of the Commission, they were outraged.

I did have the good fortune to see Mr. Edwards in action at The Albert Hall in London in the 1960s and witnessed first-hand his incredible, compassionate miracles. I knew that here was a remarkable man who was performing virtual miracles before my eyes. Even now I can still feel the absolute power of the mighty love that flowed through him like a highly charged electric current. I was only fourteen years of age at the time but I can remember him vividly, with sleeves rolled up, and compassion was written all over his lined face. His demonstration of love in action burned into my very soul like an initiation into truth. There is no doubt that this profound experience helped set me on my own spiritual path. It was later that I was to meet and study with another tremendous healer, my Spiritual Master, Dr. George King.

You are warmly welcome to attend the upcoming classes by Gary Blaze and me on, “How to Use the Energy of the Universe” on Tuesday, May 21, and the One-Day Spiritual Healing Class on Saturday, June 8 – remembering that, as the Institute of Heart Math found – helping others is a powerful way to relieve suffering – and also nurture ourselves. (See The Aetherius Society ad for further information).

Prayer for Self Healing

Oh, Creator of Life, I align with You.
May Your infinite Wisdom fill my mind
And may my every thought be inspired.
May Your Divine Presence bring peace to my heart.

As I allow Your great Light to be more fully
My own; may I reveal ever more surely
A greater aspect of my divinity
Bringing harmony to my mind, body and soul.

Oh God, may Your infinite Presence
Be a light to protect me in the darkness;
May it strengthen me through sickness
And bring me healing through the challenges of life.

May I be nurtured by Your Infinite Love.
May Your Will be mine.

Excerpt from, “Healing Prayers” by Chrissie Blaze


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