Operation Prayer Power – Science, Spirituality and Global Healing – Part 4


We’re pleased to continue this series on the global healing mission, Operation Prayer Power which is on the cutting edge of science and spirituality. It is a fantastic example of the joining together of prayer, the power of mantra, spirituality and technology and was invented by Yoga Master, the late Dr. George King, Founder of The Aetherius Society.

This is held each week at only five locations in the world. There are two locations in England, two in the U.S.A. – including one right here in Royal Oak, Michigan, and one in New Zealand. At these Aetherius Society centers, men and women of all ages and religious beliefs join together to participate in weekly Operation Prayer Power Charging Sessions.

These sessions are open to everyone to observe. If you wish to participate, we take you through an introductory initiatory class in which certain mantras are given that you can then use in Operation Prayer Power, and indeed all your spiritual practices. You would then join together with others reciting mantra through which beautiful spiritual energy is invoked. The mantra team members are like a choir who, through their chanting of the mantras, form a mushroom of powerful, healing energy. This in turn helps to inspire the highly-trained prayer team members in their task of radiating powerful love energy through their prayers.

This high frequency energy of “love”, far more powerful even than electricity, is directed by the prayer team members who use mystic mudras and the beautiful, soulful prayers of The Twelve Blessings. This life-giving energy is then collected and stored for later release to global disasters of every kind as well as to strategic situations such as peace talks. These charging sessions continue week after week, gradually charging each battery with over one thousand prayer hours of spiritual energy.

Not only have we had the opportunity to really help our world through participating in Operation Prayer Power, but, through our diligent participation and chanting of mantra together, we are helped in our own advancement. As Dr. King taught: “By practicing mantra diligently, you will cleanse your mind, your aura and your psychic centers. You will improve your concentration! You will improve your control over the flow of energies through your body.”

One of the greatest tests on the spiritual path is to build, through enduring spiritual practice, discipline and concentration, the lasting temple of our own enlightenment. Operation Prayer Power provides us with the finest tools to our own advancement and, more importantly, to heal our world.

Operation Prayer Power is open to everyone and for those who wish to participate, we hold regular classes in which we explain Operation Prayer Power, and initiate you into the sacred mantras that are used. After taking the introductory class, you will then be able to join in this fantastic global healing mission.

The next Initiatory Mantra Class for Operation Prayer Power attendance is on Thursday, December 5. (For details, please see the advertisement or visit http://www.aetheriusmi.org/opp.html).

Chrissie Blaze


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