Our Thoughts Create Our Vibration


By Miche Lame’

When we give our attention to negative thoughts, we are changing our vibration to a lower vibration and incorporating it into our vibration, therefore, attracting the negative situation we don’t want to have to us.

Like attracts like, so the converse is also true. When we give our attention to positive thoughts, something we desire, we also include that into our vibration and attract that positive situation to us. We are unable to exclude anything we give our attention to because when we give our attention to it and think about it, it becomes part of and affects our vibration. This will happen every time. There are no exceptions.

Many people tell me of their positive thoughts and the positive affirmations they say and complain they do not have positive results. Their results do reflect their thoughts. They just are looking at their surface thoughts. As a people, we like others to think of us positively and are often taught to be people pleasers. Being a people pleaser (and I tend to be one of them) is a great survival technique when we feel threatened in dangerous situations. This ability loses its effectiveness as we grow, and we wonder why we don’t have the life we desire.

Being a people pleaser, focusing on suppressing fear and negative thoughts does not make them go away. They hide and thrive in our subconscious mind and negative ego. And this becomes the foundation of our thoughts, our vibrations.

I know it’s scary to go there. Yet, that’s really where we need to go to identify, work through, forgive, and release these negative thoughts so our positive thoughts and their vibrations are dominant. I wouldn’t say I like going there, yet to grow; I know that’s where my dirt is, as well as drained energy. By draining, I mean that energy we use to keep down and suppress those thoughts. We keep needing more and more, which drains the energy we can use for our current life; we are using it to keep our past wounds at bay.

Acknowledging our past traumas and feelings is therapeutic, but going over them over and over and over… just cements and anchors them more. We have to acknowledge and move the energy, do the work of identifying those experiences and thoughts that keep us back, and work through them – possibly to forgiveness of ourselves and also of others to heal and move on.

Thus we become more and more our authentic, loving, divine selves. We are literally scraping off the muck that has accumulated and dampened our inner divine flame. We know we are stopping ourselves from living our divine, authentic lives when we cannot attain our desires, or when obtained, we want more. Feeling more lost and frustrated than before

Let us delve deep into our subconscious and root out those negative thoughts and experiences that keep us back, working through and healing them. If you want help, please feel free to contact me. We are changing our thoughts and changing our vibration in the process. Let’s create Shamballa on Earth here and now!

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’, M.A.L.L.P


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