Outer World – Inner Peace


By Alethea Howard

   People, places, material things, and nature are the outer world, and also the thoughts we vibrate in the world that can manifest in the outer world (our universe). When we constantly feed our minds with positive thoughts and images, we project that image out into the outer world, people around us, love ones, and strangers.

   How is life as we know it? Are we at peace within and happy with what we are doing in our inner world, which creates our outer world? We all are searching for some meaning; there is always more to learn about ourselves and life. The more we learn, the more we understand life and others.

   When we are not attuned to our inner spirit, we are not ready to understand what is going on around us. We can be aware of the world and ourselves in two ways, consciously or unconsciously. The search within is a day-by-day awareness of our inner Being (Spirit). Nurturing our Being (Self) needs to be a priority in life. 

   What we project outside of Self is what we become within; the world is not for us to push our expectations on others but to live up to our own. Seeing all as the manifested beauty from within, we see the soul’s true nature.

   Let’s have the courage to step into the outer journey, not to judge, but to love one another. Hearing each other and listening without judging. Be gentle, kind, and rooted in the truth. It is the truth that sets us free! 

   I am working with peace and the contented joy it brings so that I may bring this to my outer circumstances. To be at peace takes focus and practice; when we work for peace within, it brings peace without. Peace is healing…I have been searching for quite some time, there was a time I was in touch with my inner Being, and everything flowed in my life. Somewhere along the way, I stepped out of that flow, and the outer world took over. It was a slow process, and I didn’t realize what was happening. I lost focus, and worldly people and things took over.

   I realized after some years I was off track leading nowhere. My relationships, finances, and family were all off track. When I found my way back to my inner Being, I wondered what happened to carry me so far out of the flow of life. Seek the God-given nature within you, hold on to it, and don’t let go or put it aside!

   Now when I walk out into the world, the first sight I see is nature; trees, birds, flowers, and the sky. I may see humans, and I smile; it gives me the delight to see strangers, brothers, and sisters of this earthly place, some smile back, and some don’t. It is okay because we are all in our own space and time. I see all as Divine; how good the soul feels to be free to see and not being judgemental and projecting toward others. I can’t explain how it delights and inspires my spirit – I am thankful, grateful, peaceful, and content with joy! I thank the almighty spirit for moving us forward. Love and Light to all! 


Opening up, letting go of fear…

Bringing the higher consciousness ever near.

Moving forward and upward…

Expanding the mind in time and space.

Relaxing and going with the flow…

Flow with the water of the river.

Flow with the breeze of the wind.

See yourself going within.

Stay anchored and grounded.

See what is before and behind you.

Spend time with others you feel are good and right.

Behold the glory of life.

Breathe in, let go and move forward.

                               Alethea Monk Howard


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