Walk In Beauty


By Cheryl L. Carter

Hozho encompasses the Dine (Navajo) ideal of walking in beauty along our life path with all living things. The most important word in the Navajo language means balance and beauty. The Navajo conception of beauty extends far beyond what can be perceived with our senses. It, instead, portrays the very basic idea of goodness.

Hazho means seeking out and incorporating our best qualities into life through order and harmony while making the most of all that surrounds us. This includes taking responsibility as we journey forward, embracing harmonious relationships with ourselves, other people, Mother Earth, and the universe. It emphasizes the importance of how the many connections that link the ephemeral and changing parts of our world must be constantly created through our positive thoughts and deeds.

These positive thoughts create a mindfulness that can cross the endless boundaries of time and space. The heart becomes a vessel of unique energy that vibrates at a special frequency. As this energy radiates, it makes us feel interconnectedness with other people, Mother Earth, and the universe in perfect harmony.

                                    shil hozho – “with me there is beauty”
                                    shii’ hozho – “in me there is beauty”

shaa hozho – “From me, beauty radiates”

Cheryl L Carter


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