Penny’s Perspective: Bullying


What would you do if somebody belittles you, embarrasses you, and talks condescendingly to you in front of other people?

WRITE IT DOWN… seriously, do it right in front of them, and ask them to repeat it slowly so you can get it all on paper. Do not react, don’t allow yourself to be happy or sad about it.. just write it down, then say, “ok, I will seriously consider what you said,” and change the subject or walk away. 

Now in your own time, you can take this note out, read the words, and ask yourself, “is this true about me?” 

If it’s not, you are ok; if it is, you can ask yourself, “I improve as I move through life. Am I ready to improve this?” 

If you are “great,” if not, that’s ok too; you are in control of how you react, how you respond, and how you feel.. no one can take away your power; it exists in you. 

Spend some loving time with yourself, so you can confidently say the next time this person or anyone does this, “Thanks for mentioning that.. I’ll consider what you said and SMILE.”

And some brave day, you might also say, “THANKS FOR SHARING THAT; I WILL CONSIDER WHAT YOU SAID AND WHY YOU SAID IT,” considering the person’s motive is important but not as important as considering your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about YOU. Best of luck! 

Penny Larkins Golden


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