Prana Prana Everywhere, Should I Care??


Truth changes with the passage of time and the acquisition of new knowledge. The truth is the world is round. But, before Christ prevailing thought was that the earth was flat. Prior to the 15th century, humankind believed the earth to be the center of the Universe. Just 100 years ago the average lifespan was 50 years while today it is approaching 80 years old. The world view of what is possible is changing. Be open to a new truth. Consider the following:

At the quantum level we know that everything is connected and that everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. The human body is composed of the visible physical body, and the less visible energy body called the human energy field or aura. This energy body interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it. The aura is viewed as various glowing areas resembling colored clouds and spinning wheels of energy. It is also visible through Kirlian photography.

Illness Results From Stagnate Energy

Illness results when vibrational energy becomes stuck or clean vibrant energy does not replenish the dirty energy of the body. It would be like trying to clean dirty dishes with dirty water. You will never get them clean. But when the channels are clean, look at what is possible.

Is It A Miracle?

One person who for years could not sleep through the night, found relief after three sessions and can now sleep through the night. A facial wound from a dog bite, miraculously healed overnight. A women with panic attacks who could not go to work, now enjoys work and never misses a day due to panic attacks. A broken bone heals three times faster than normal. Because all this and more is possible, it is beneficial to learn more about the underlying world of prana.

Prana is the energy that underlies all of reality. Think about that. What could you do, who could you be, if you could consciously harness that energy?

Prana Is Life Force

Since you can’t see it, smell it, hear it, or even taste it, prana is a difficult concept for the analytical, scientific mind to comprehend. The word prana has its root in Sanskrit. It means “vital life.” It is comparable to the Chinese concept of Chi, Ki in Japanese and Ruah or breath of life in Hebrew and in Hawaii it is called Mana.

The definition of “vital life force” does not do it justice as it is hard for us to get out minds around these concepts. Prana is associated with breath, although air itself is not prana; rather, breathing can be used to focus and control prana as part of a spiritual practice. Prana suffuses all living forms. From the book of Genesis we learn that “God breathed life into man and man became a living being.” God’s breath is the life force.

Swami Gitananda Giri

Gurumaharaj said, “To be ‘in breath’ is to be ‘in God’. The Greek word for the taking in of the breath, ‘in-spiro’ means to be ‘in Spirit’. The taking of breath is a holy, divine function.”

Most Prana Comes From The Breath

The easiest way to get the most prana is through the air we breathe since 70% of the prana available to us comes to us through breath. The remaining 30% is from the sun, food and the earth. Today, the average person is accessing a mere 25% of their breath capacity, which vastly restricts the amount of prana they can access.

Prana is our inner power. It gives us strength; it animates our life and is our spiritual essence. Since it is energy and thoughts are energy, prana can affect our thinking. With every thought, every word and every movement of life we see the action of prana. Our thinking greatly affects our suffering and well being. You may have heard the expression “energy follows intention.” Another way to state this is “where the mind goes, prana flows.” We can use our mind to control prana, to free it up when it gets stagnant and to access more life force bringing us vitality, health and well being. Through the control of the mind and the use of various techniques, we can use prana to bring healing.

In a healthy state, prana is free flowing as stale prana is released from the body and new prana is ingested. When this exchange slows or even stops, illness sets in. When prana becomes blocked, depleted, stagnated, congested, or simply imbalanced, toxins are produced and disease occurs.

Techniques To Help

All healing techniques manipulate and affect prana. Some techniques are used specifically to free the flow of prana. Ayurveda, a traditional form of Indian medicine, is based on treating patients with the intent of getting prana to flow freely within the body. Yoga, Transformational Breathing, Pranic Breathwork, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Pranayama, Pranic Healing, Esoteric Healing, Reiki, and Healing Touch are other forms of healing that directly or indirectly affect the flow of prana.

When these techniques are being performed, changes in the energy body are instantaneous. It is a higher frequency energy and therefore moves faster than the denser physical body. This means there is a lag from when there is a change in the energy body to when the affect might be felt in the physical body.

Prevention Is The Best Cure

Since we now know that all illness first resides in the energy body, we can prevent many illnesses and disease from ever reaching our physical bodies and adversely affecting our physical health by simply keeping our energy bodies clean.

By becoming aware of prana and how to harness it, we open ourselves to a whole new world. It is important to become consciously aware of prana so we can manage, harness and channel it for greater health, strength, vitality.


Dave Krajovic

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