Receive Wisdom and Guidance from Higher Spiritual Beings


When preparing for a reading I always ask the angels, God, and the highest spiritual beings to come forth and bring me information for the person I am about to connect with. The highest spiritual beings are not necessarily angels, they are instead souls that were created of human spirit and evolved into a high spiritual being.

Many of you have heard the term, old soul … this is a metaphysical term for someone who has reincarnated through many lifetimes. However, just because one has incarnated many times does not mean they have learned their lessons of life. It is true that you do not need to reincarnate hundreds of lifetimes to achieve spiritual awareness; just like in school, if you are a quick study you can advance rapidly through the grades to an early graduation.

Unfortunately, many souls repeat the same lessons over and over again but do not feel that you cannot get back on track. Learning meditation and developing your intuition will open your communication with God, your angels and the highest spiritual beings who want to help tutor and guide you through your life lessons.

The reason I like to tap into a higher soul’s wisdom when I do a reading is that they have graduated the lower lessons of life, and will give me a clear message as to how to help my clients ease their life lessons. This is similar to a tutor who was at the top of their class, helping give advice through the tough lessons.

Ask the angels — they are your direct connection to God. Your angels will bring you divine love, and clarity to God’s messages. Always ask for your angels to surround you and protect you.

Did you know that the last lesson of the soul is to learn how to love yourself? This does not refer to ego or vanity, but to truly treat your life as if you were guiding your best friend or a loved one through their life. Many of us give much better advice and support to our loved ones than we do for ourselves.

Sometimes, people misunderstand the idea of angels and their role in helping us through our time on earth. First, when your loved one passes on, they may become your spirit guide or oversee your life with guidance; but that is not the same as “they are now your angel.” You, of course, may see them as your angel, but for the purpose of this article, I want to give you the true definition of Spirit Guides, Higher Souls and Angels and how they interplay with our soul’s experience on earth.

The Old Testament from the Hebrew text defines angles as Created beings who were exuberant witnesses when God brought the world into being (Psalms 148:2 148.5 & Job 38.7). By nature, they were spiritual entities and thus not subject to the limitations of human flesh.

Wikipedia says: Angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or heaven and humanity. Other roles of angels include protecting and guiding human beings, and carrying out God’s tasks.

This is why I call on angels before I tune into someone’s energy, before a reading. Angels help send a clear message from God to me, which helps my client understand God’s will.

The next thing I call on before a reading is God’s wisdom so that I can best help you with the lessons that are before you. Remember, we always have a choice in our life. We are born with a life path to walk down. But often in our fear of making decisions, we ignore God’s wisdom coming through the little voice of intuition — and we go off road, sometimes right over the cliff!

When you are up against a difficult turn in your road of life, always ask God for his wisdom… then listen. Ask angels to bring the clear messages from God and embrace you with love and protection. Ask your spirit guides to give you signs that you are on the right track; this will help keep you on your life path so you can quickly evolve to a higher soul status.


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