Stages of Consciousness


By William Helton

Emotions influence different stages of consciousness. Happy, sad, sassy, resentfulness; each identifying emotion carries with it its own dimensional frequency plane. Literally, its own reality construct. This can be challenged by observing how you feel, and the type of company that you keep during such an episode. One will always gravitate to the like energy they are in resonance with. This is entrainment. Example: a group of clocks after a period of time will come to a collective consensus to chime at the same time. This relates as well to the underlying human behavior.

Matter tricks the brain into thinking that it is the beginning of all things rather than the end result.

I feel it goes without saying that, “We create the reality around us.” Everything at its fundamental core is energy. From the compression of sub-atomic particles to electrons, electrons to atoms, atoms to molecules, molecules to cells, cells to organs — all this is nothing more than individualized consciousness expressing itself. When an atom is viewed under a high powered microscope, one witnesses empty space. For it is energy that congeals the forces together for an experience to be had by its host. It is all in the mind.

The physical plane animates the pondered thoughts that dance in the ether of the ONE MIND.

Always my Best!

Mind/Body/Nutrition Coach
William Helton


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