“What If”


By Carolyn Simon

If you have read my articles, you are aware that I talk a great deal about consciousness. I am always referring to one’s consciousness because it contains the thought activity that outwardly impacts each of our lives. This month’s theme deals with youthfulness, asking the question:

How can we keep our mindset, our physical body, and our approach to life, young and filled with a youthful spirit, while at the same time experiencing the effects of change and aging?

My answer to that question is Consciousness. Do you remember the definition I gave of consciousness in a previous article? It is the sum total of your thoughts, feelings; your belief system pertaining to any area of your life; your likes and dislikes and the rationale behind each; your actions and reactions to various life experiences. The totality of who you think yourself to be. It is your beingness. It is who you are being at any given moment in time.

So, I ask you with this definition of consciousness, what are you believing right now about youthfulness and aging? Or should I say, what is your belief as it pertains to maintaining youthfulness and aging? Are you believing that you should look a certain way when you reach a certain age? Are you believing that at a certain age you should wear a certain type of clothing? Are you believing that because of a certain age your body will be incapable of functioning properly? Are you believing that as you age you have no control over what happens to you physically? What are you believing? What if you had believed a different way? How would you feel, act, and live your life? How would your life be different?

When I see the Capitol One commercial on television and it asks the question, “What’s in Your Wallet?”, I’m always reminded of a Sunday talk I gave with that title. But my question, “What’s in Your Wallet,” was referring to one’s consciousness instead of the best credit card. It was asking each individual to examine their thought processes and eradicate, eliminate, destroy those unproductive thought patterns and reframe, replace those patterns with more productive life-giving beliefs.

So, if you are lacking vim, vigor, and vitality, and are having a hard time keeping a youthful approach to healthy aging, examine your thoughts and beliefs in this area. Or, visit me and we can work together through counseling and hypnosis techniques to examine your beliefs and create a new, dynamic life script. You’ve got the Power!

Blessings, Carolyn

Carolyn is the founder of InnerEssence Counseling and Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ordained Unity Minister and a member of Unity of Royal Oak. She’s a former Dental Hygienist and a former Teacher. Contact her at: 248-827-5583, or visit: www.inneressencecounseling.com


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