Sacred Sound Healing – The Healing Power of Voice


Beyond all the material instruments in the world, I have gained a grand passion for my voice and elected it as the most powerful instrument God ever gave me! Voice can make and perform unimaginable sounds and take us to altered states of consciousness and assist us all in self transformation and self healing. However, still, in the western society it is a little hard to make people believe in the power of their voices. The voice resides in the throat chakra (energy center in the subtle body), which is the center for communication, also where the seed of your truth and power is located. As you believe in yourself, you can start speaking up your truth. Expressivity with the spoken word becomes richer and the sound or vibration and frequency gets more balanced, grounding, gentle and yet assertive. Your arms are a continuation of your throat chakra that can express what you feel by moving and create an energetic field with the frequency and intonation of your voice.

Voice can be powerful both ways, negative and positive, just like the sounds we hear in our daily lives. It can trigger beautiful or damaging emotions. The example of a tyrant father talking to his kid in a tough voice of command, emanating that hard vibration constantly on him, ends up by shutting the child’s heart. Whereas a situation in which the child is imbued with love and balance from his dad, translated by a soft and yet assertive voice, can only open the kid’s heart and feel love!

Jonathan Goldman, is my dear teacher as in sound healing, also a writer and musician. He is an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics and he put together these two formulas:

Frequency + Intention= Healing / Visualization+Vocalization = Manifestation

They reveal that Sound is a carrier wave of Consciousness. When you talk or you tone or chant, and you have an intention in mind or you visualize something in particular, that sound (which is a wave of energy) or frequency is their carrier wave. So, when you talk to someone or even to yourself be cautious with the words you use, because your thoughts and words are being manifested. Your word and thoughts are your Creation!

In terms of Healing, voice can be amazingly powerful. Imagine you are sending energy to someone who is ill. Visualize that person already healed and set the intention by saying the affirmation “you are healed” and then you tone(elongating the sound, i.e. sacred vowel AH).”AH” is the sacred vowel for the Heart chakra, for Love /Compassion.

When toning you use mainly the vowels, even though sighing, moaning and humming can also be recognized as forms of toning. As you are toning you are releasing and relieving tension out of your body and giving it a better flow of energy and restoring your harmonic patterns. Toning is different from chanting though. Once you start chanting it is no longer toning, as you are using words. Mantras is a form of chanting like “Om mani Padme Hum”, however the single elongation of a seed syllable, such as “OM” or “UH” can be considered as toning.

There is an interesting story that takes place in Africa that reveals how voice is an intrinsic part of your being and that assists you in lifting up your spirits by balancing and harmonizing all parts of your being, body, emotions, spirit and soul! One man comes to the Shaman of the village and says to him that he feels down emotionally and with low energy, to which the shaman replied: “when was the last time you sang?”

When teaching a workshop, it is my intention to bring people the awareness of their uniqueness and the power they bring from within themselves. During the workshop it is my intention to make people feel safe and loved so their hearts can open and express themselves in a free way. Sound is a manifestation of the soul and spirit and when being open to the Divine Consciousness of Love or God, beautiful sounds can come through us and the overtoning or harmonics are amidst them, which are the most powerful regenerative sounds that heal us.

When listening or doing vocal harmonics, toning and overtoning here is what these sounds can bring you:

Reducing and relieving stress

Enhancing memory

Growing new brain cells

Teaching and entraining the brain to restore and replace weak dormant or missing frequencies

Stimulating and enhancing the functions of the immune system

Improving the flow and pulse of cerebral spinal fluid

Creating new neural synaptic connections

Regenerating body systems

Expanding consciousness and inner awareness

Open and Balance the Chakras

Fast relaxation


May you and Sound be as one!


Cristina Pavey


Cristina Pavey has been in the health field since 1999, as therapist. Originally from Portugal, has been residing in the USA for the last 13 years. She is a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Sound Healer, African improvisational drumming, Intuitive Painting Artist. Phone# (586) 260 5112


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