Shared Karma


This has been a very disruptive year so far. This is an understatement when you look at 2020… with more to come.

So much pain, death, and chaos from all over the globe.

What does it all mean?

Why is this all happing now and all at once?

This breakdown has not fully reached its peak. You will find forces at work, stirring up the status quo everywhere.

Could this be God at work?

Is this Karma?

What does all this mean?

1. Let’s look at this first question; Could this be God’s intervention? Yes, I do believe this is God helping to correct negative actions that humans have collectively built up, creating disrupted energy on Earth, which has caused an adverse interaction with the natural laws of the universe. Now and then, there is a correction from the built-up of negative actions (energy) humankind has perpetuated—wars, famine, and plagues which are built upon human anger, and mostly made of FEAR.

WAR (We Are Right) There are ongoing wars and new wars on this planet continuously where people are fighting for an ideal, or for what they want to control, or just because they want your stuff! This is the worst build-up of negative energy. FEAR is what most humans run on. Fear of losing something, fear of someone being different from them, and fear of a whole race or culture different from theirs.

Fear of loss… from these fears come hate, anger, and unreasonable and possibly destructive behavior. This can build up for a long time; even after a war has been fought, the original fear has not been subsided just buried into the human heart. God then looks at this on the whole of the human condition, and like a parent forces us to look at our behavior and lay down with lessons too learned by all. God does not punish. God forgives and helps fill your heart with reason and love. We have to respect all of God’s children, which means we need to go back to the Golden Rule of living on Earth. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Amen

2. Is this Karma? Well, that was answered in-part in our first question. However, Karma is not just collective. It is also individual. That is, the way most people view Karma, as Lessons you are presented in your life from past life’s as well as new Karma created in the present life. As the world moves through these treacherous times, you can learn and grow with the world, or you can continue to stay in fear and anger and move backward, not learning. Take heed from this wise old saying: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Change is upon all humankind as we move deeper into this 21st Century. Not only “be kind to each other, which is the first and most important lesson of this Century, but to do good works for our Earth and also for individual health and well-being. We need to pay attention to the pollution we create, which is poisoning the Earth and respect all of the creatures of the world. You cannot change the world by yourself; however, you can accept lessons and learn to evolve your soul to meet God’s expectation.

3. What does this all mean? Some may believe we are in the apocalyptic times. As a spiritual person, I believe we are in a growth spurt, evolving our souls to the next level. As you may remember from your childhood years, growing can be painful and disorienting at times, needing to adjust to a different you. Look at this time as a challenge to your spiritual maturity and need to evolve closer to the center of the universal mind. As in human growth from child to adult, things can go many ways depending on your view of life and how much you are willing to learn. Mature thinking does not simply come with age. Maturity comes with accepting you are always in a flux of change, learning, and loving with every step of the way.

Meditate/pray for wisdom and love with each step of your life, and you can change the world.


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