Sometimes Bad Experiences Create Great Experiences


By Laura Moody

It was the winter of 2007, and I was exhausted. My finances were bleak, my husband was terminally ill, and my stress level hit the roof. I couldn’t cope; I wanted out. I had watched The “secret” about twenty times and still could not get it. How do you think something away by positive thoughts? How do you stay positive during adversity? I cried a lot back then. Life got even more challenging. It felt like I was riding a bike backward! I wish I could tell you suddenly, a lightning bolt struck, and it all got better. It was a slow process. For some reason, I had to experience this. There was something I had to learn. During those rough times, there were many lessons. I needed to learn the lesson of faith. I needed to learn the lesson of surrender, and I needed to learn the lesson of prayer and gratitude. I started saying affirmations and prayers of thanksgiving for the hard times I was experiencing. I found that thanking the universe for the challenges I was going thru was helping me to release my fears and anxiety. Something magical happens when we calm our minds and start to release negativity and fear. I stopped being a victim and became a warrior. I realized that I was a spiritual being and that nothing lasted forever. All things change. It gave me hope.

I started writing. I wrote a letter to my higher power and started asking for help. Things changed; miracles happened. The biggest shift was what happened inside of me. I became a different person; I became grateful. I started laughing even when things did not seem funny, and I changed inwardly. I decided not to be a victim anymore, regardless of the outcome. This life is full of challenges for many of us, and by doing some little shifts, we can create big changes in our lives. The biggest shift starts from within. I encourage you to start a journal, write a letter to a higher power, a loved one crossed over, or just to yourself.
Write down your fears, then release them.

Take time to speak positive words to yourself and others. Nothing lasts forever, and this too shall pass. Take time outside in nature, connect with mother earth. Turn off the radio and television and stop talking about your problems. Too much talking keeps the energy of the situation strong.
Try listening more. Listen to the birds and the sounds of nature. Just start breathing.

As you read this, take a deep breath and say three words.
I am grateful. Affirm that only good is in my future. And take time to laugh even if you feel nothing is funny. This can be magical, and you will experience an upward shift.

It has been fifteen years since 2007, and I wish I could say that I am problem-free. I am not. But I have learned a tremendous secret that a bad experience will often create a great experience in our future.

Laura Moody is a psychic/medium and owner of Rock Your World Events & Rock Your World Crystal Store. You can learn more about Laura by going to her website:


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