Speak The Truth


By Barbra White

I used to think that when I spoke my feelings and needs (truth), it had to sound soooo polished professional, and loving.

Later I realized that vulnerability and authenticity are commonly messy, beautiful, loving, and did I say messy? LoL

I am strongly committed to being honest, open, direct, and vulnerable. But I didn’t realize I ALSO had a commitment to the other person’s response!!! I had this tiny thread of codependency, thinking that “if I just said things perfectly, no one would get upset!!”

You ever do this?

It is splendid how my Soul aligned me with a couple of people who, no matter how perfectly I said things, would still react to my feelings and needs. They took my feelings and needs as an attack!!! No matter how vulnerable and owning of my feeling or need I was, they got hurt.

It wasn’t until muchhhhhh self-love, prayer, meditation, and nature support that I finally saw that I had co-created the whole experience to show me to stop gaslighting myself!! To OWN my truth!!!

Singing the unique song that God/Life has put into my heart has been a lifelong journey. I’m never done growing.

Being a healer, Mentor, and psychic for 20 years, I constantly learn from everyone I work with. I’ve also gotten a second master’s,
worked with many mentors, and I’m currently in a trauma-sensitive, trauma-informed yoga training. I share this to say that I’m always growing and always learning. This perception is not a curse. When I think I need to have all the answers or be the expert, I feel dead inside.

Starting my days with curiosity and openness of what miracles will be demonstrated through me, what I will learn, and what my growth edge will be, is life-giving! As I ask these questions, new life energy comes into my day. Our ego-mind would rather have “certainty” than freedom.
Ego is simply our resistance to life.

“It’s not what we don’t know that gets us in trouble. It’s what we think we know for sure that just ain’t so”. Mark Twain

Miracles are waiting to express through you. However, it does require a crack to come in – the negative mindset about life, of yourself, that you “know for sure” needs to soften just a tiny bit 

What you accept transforms. Kindness towards yourself, or limiting thoughts, creates a crack for miracles to happen.

I can see angels and energy and people’s Soul themes. However, my embodiment of love, compassion, and joy continues to deepen and anchor within me —every time I face fear, insecurity, or cry the river of tears waiting to be felt, I feel more love as me.

It’s a continual process of embracing my humanity to know my divinity. It’s what every book I have ever written has been focused on, yet I continue to rediscover this truth for the first time every day.

I hope you speak your truth today. I hope you say your feelings and needs directly, honestly, and openly. I hope you share your wisdom, joy, and creativity, even if it’s shaky. Your unique song matters in the choir of creation

Write a poem today
Sing out of tune
Pray out loud

Your expressions are holy.
Depression is a REPRESSION of what needs to express. Feeling is healing and what you don’t express depresses. Sometimes it is a tear you’re holding back. Sometimes it’s your love that you are holding back (to yourself or others).

You are holy, as you are.

I can visibly see that every person has a team of Angels and earth energies surrounding them and holding them. I hope you let yourself be cradled today.

Love you
I’m here when you are ready to have a teacher/mentor into your True Soul Power and Souls expressions!

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