by Joseph A. Drolshagen

There is Gold in every struggle you experience!

At the root of every struggle, there is emotional energy. That emotional energy can be converted into fuel to launch your life beyond what could be possible to achieve without that struggle! Struggle carries so much EMPOWERMENT into the amount of greatness available to you!

I cannot tell you the number of people I come across that have been struggling for years over the same thing. It’s become as much a part of their lifestyle as eating. I lived within my own struggle for decades with stepping away from Corporate America to do what I love, (which is to assist people in converting the emotional energy caused by struggle into fuel, to launch their life beyond what would be possible for them without that struggle). For a long time during my struggle, I didn’t realize I was placing myself in “The Judgment Trap” of the struggle, rather than mining the gold of understanding of how my struggle was trying to assist me in getting to the more into greatness. Into what was possible for me.

SO often, struggle gets such a bad rap. It’s perceived as a threat to our lives, loaded with fear. As though its purpose is to break us or set us back or somehow take away from our life. For a long time in my life, struggle equaled pain, suffering and the need to dig my heels in, work like hell and hope for the best”. In other words, to suffer through the struggle, in the efforts of getting rid of it. A majority of my clients and people I come across have experienced similar in their lives.

The outcome of any struggle is based solely and completely on the person’s outlook experiencing the struggle!

Today, I get to spend my days showing people how to mine the gold out of their struggles in order to experience a life beyond what they could have achieved otherwise! The entire purpose of any struggle is to strengthen us and assist us to grow. To allow us to expand to achieve greater things than we are currently experiencing prior to the struggle.

Understanding struggle’s purpose can make all the difference in the world as to the level of greatness, prosperity, and abundance each one of us experiences. We live in a universe that speaks to us through two internal growth signals…

So for the purposes of offering assistance to start finding your gold within your struggle, remove judgment from the struggle. There is not good/bad, no right/wrong… ask yourself a question…

“If I remove judgment from this struggle I’m experiencing and am willing to see why this is happening FOR ME (and not to me), how can this struggle assist me in growing”.

That is such a powerful tool in opening the door to converting your struggle to your launching pad! There is one other important point I need to make here. We are not meant to go it alone. Trying to expand and grow from within a cocoon is so much more difficult than allowing outward assistance in.

A lot of people venture out on their own to change, with the absolute best of intentions. Some do start to see progress but at some point find themselves sabotaging their own progress (and from what I see, most people don’t even realize it themselves sabotaging their progress). Why is that?

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

That’s precisely why I’m willing to offer an hour of my time to you, to assist you in mining the gold out of whatever you’re struggling with in order for you to achieve what otherwise would not be possible for you! Visit and schedule your complimentary 60-minute telephone strategy session.

If you’re struggling, I applaud you, because I know you are getting closer to launching an area of your life into what wouldn’t otherwise be possible for you! Even if you don’t share my enthusiasm, how can you apply this information to assist you in igniting your life? I hope that you choose to step outside “The Judgment Trap” and start asking yourself empowering questions and that you reach out to the assistance available to you!

HAPPY LAUNCHING! Joseph A. Drolshagen

Joseph is a Transformational Coach and owner of IFGT Life Coaching, LLC. You can reach him at 888-321-2243,,


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