Taking Up Space


By Barbra White

You do no one a favor by going small and hiding your voice. What if your full messy heart is the one thing your community needs? What if the capacity to express a confident vulnerable shine does not need more studying…it requires an inward surrender to the You that has always been?  

Stop trying to polish your emotions, plaster on the happy face, and tuck in your tummy rolls.

Do you not see those that have the courage to fully be themselves inspire millions?

We search for purpose outside of ourselves and act like it is some elusive unicorn to chase. But what if, your life and your family are your mission and trial of fire? 

What if your “purpose” is to Be Yourself?

You BEING yourself, taking up space with those closest to you is the way to ‘find your purpose and ignite your mission. “Being in the world and not of it” starts with your inward stance to fully Be yourself. 

Your False Self is the “you” created to hide and create perceived protection. Your False Self will protest, fear and rationalize your authenticity away. This “you” that you think you are will tell you it’s too risky, to be honest, and own what you really want. Your True Self is beyond what you think and is felt in your surrender. 

But sweet dear. What you do not realize is that when you hide your true wants, desires, and emotions… you hide your True Self.

The world needs your light, not your False Self.   

When you are fully committed to BE YOURSELF, you have REAL protection. Why? Because when you are plugged into listening to your feelings…you can know your needs…and thus communicate boundaries. When you have an inward commitment to practice loving all parts of yourself, you then have the capacity to make the inner whisper (aka…intuition or voice of God) louder than the outside noise. Following your intuition or voice of God is impossible if you care more about others’ opinions than your own. When you feel your connection to your True Self, you have everything you’ve been looking for.  

Speak your boundaries before you choose to practice Radically Loving Yourself, and you will be fighting for your needs for the rest of your life. Why? Because those who you communicate to will feel the pushing energy and wobble in your words and consequently will not listen.

You must first surrender to your True Self before you can command

Speak from your True Self, and your needs and feelings are felt like invitations rather than demands. As you yield to Who and What you already are (independent of the details of what you say), your expressions become an invitation into THEIR True Self. Who you are Being speaks louder than words.

Letting go or opening to your True Self challenges the False Self and ways of identifying outside yourself. Yielding to your magnificence…right now…is a very courageous act of rebellion to your outside identifications. Don’t confuse the struggle and process AS THE WAY. All the spiritual tools are for one purpose and one purpose ONLY, and that is to SURRENDER to your True Self.   

Your True Self is creativity, beauty, love, light, awareness, and Christ consciousness. Your True Self includes your humanity and is discovered again and again through accepting yourself as you are. 

Your conviction to love yourself, right now, as you are, creates a crack in the psyche to feel you True Self. Self-love and happiness is a skill and practice. 

Self Acceptance and being with your feelings is surrender in practice.  

Practice Radical Self Love, and your Presence and vibration will command people to “wake up” without you having to say anything.   

It’s time to TAKE UP SPACE in your own life. (And yes, your False Self with think this is all crazy) However, I hope you take a chance on yourself. Hope to see you on August 17th!


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