New World Mind


By Eve Wilson

Humankind is in process of shifting modes of function from mental control to whole-person-intuitive. Many people feel mentally stressed and anxious, not knowing to make this shift.  

My adventures trying out electric bikes seem like a good analogy for this transition. When the power kicks in, it is a whole new experience; I feel out of control. I’ve had to start very slow and work to get control, find my balance, accept the speed and power, and learn to relax and have fun!

Shifting modes from mental to whole person is like that. People can’t function in the old ways, but they aren’t ready for the new ways yet. They have to go slow and learn how to handle this new inner balance. It is a much more powerful way to live, and once learned will bring freedom, pleasure, and speed of manifesting what is needed! Clarity of direction and purpose will emerge once this shift is made.

I believe this transition is contributing to the shortage of employees in our country. The covid experience allowed people to let go of their mental drive and relax into a more centered and balanced way of being. 

People are hesitant to return to the grind where everything is mind over matter and hurry-hurry. While this is a real problem for our economy and our supply and demand issues, it may be a necessary one for human evolution.  

As people let go of the mentally driven focus and relax into themselves, they can receive their new world minds. These new versions of mind are naturally attuned to our Higher Selves and in position to co-create a better reality. The old-world mind is like an old computer program – it no longer works with the new-world versions of ourselves. The world driven by that old mind will continue to become less and less effective. This is what we are seeing politically, socially, and economically.  

Over the past week, Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” kept running through my head. I think it is a perfect soundtrack for this transition. Mental worry keeps us stuck in our old-world mind. The more we try to work from that focus, the more stressed we become. I’m not saying be Pollyanna. Just the opposite. Letting go of what is not functioning and engaging what is ready to take its place is the only resolution to our current challenges. Like a computer whose systems need to be updated, we don’t function well in our outdated mental old-world focus.

New world mind is available but requires us to learn to use it. Functioning in unity with instincts and Higher Self is super powerful in the co-creative department. I have created a set of tools for building our ability to function in this new way that I’ve been teaching for decades. Find them on my website In the Video Gallery is the primary set: Eve’s 3 Most Important Things for Riding the Wave of Change set of 3 videos help you access the essential inner gifts needed to begin. Then in my Online Store, you can find Audio MP3 Mini Self-Healing Classes which give you lots of ways to exercise the muscles you need to build your skill. For more about ascension and co-creation, read my book Riding the Wave of Change. My Weekly Word blog and Monthlies Classes help you to ascend step by step.

Learning to access and use your new world mind requires letting go of old-world mental focus and replacing it with a heart-centered focus. That’s not emotional focus; it is a balanced focus. Heart chakra unifies all elements of us – body, emotion, instinct, mind, soul, and spirit. Old world mind shuts out all other parts of us when it’s in control. New world mind through open and centered heart brings all together, integrating higher intelligence and unconditional love.  

All the spiritual tools I teach guide you to build that inner experience of wholeness, unity, and co-creation. These potentials have grown exponentially stronger and easier to access as our world ascends. Even if you have used my tools in the past, I recommend using them again to experience the greater gifts you can now own for yourself!


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