“Tears of the Buddha” Film


So here you are on your Spiritual Path and you come across a set of teachings that suggests that you allow yourself to experience ALL your emotions for the good of your development. Yet, another teaching tells you that only those emotions that feel GOOD are the way to go. Along the way there will be others that fill the spaces in between, and here you are still wondering what to do and how to do it. For as many different people as there are in the world, there are as many thoughts on this topic– and you’ll have an opportunity to take a look at all of them!
“Tears of the Buddha, Spirituality and Emotions” is a documentary film by director and award winning producer, Joel Lesko. Joel set out to explore how teachings about emotions in the realm of spirituality impact daily life; the result of this journey is his thought provoking and widely acclaimed film.
Lesko himself has followed a spiritual path, using meditation in his daily practices and often finding as many questions as his seeking found answers. Believing that others might have the same queries, Lesko asked several modern Buddhist teachers identical questions about emotions, their necessities, ramifications, origins, etc., and the answers have become this film.
Because the questions are not simply based in metaphysical thought processes, the answers range from practical to spiritual, and provide the seeker with information to make up their own minds. This, after all, is what we tend to do anyway. From these conversations we find that the one thing we have in common, is that we all have emotions and can be assured that emotions are truly mysterious, sacred and deeply personal.
Visit www.BrightAgeFilms.com to learn more about obtaining this film. Tune into “InTouch Interviews”, Wed., Nov. 6, 1-2pm EST when Joel Lesko comes to Body Mind Spirit Radio to share his story and address the questions raised about the spiritual views of emotions and our perceived truth about them.


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