How Do We Heal ?


Whether healing our hearts, our bodies or our world, what is it that makes healing happen? I’d like to explore this question with you from my perspective as a healer for people and the planet.

When hope is awakened, our physical and spiritual immune systems are activated, allowing body and soul to fight off negative influences of all kinds. It heals the common factor in the creation of disease for individuals and society, which is despair. In the body, despair shuts down the immune system and opens a person to illness. It dissipates the life force and opens a soul to negative energies physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially. Despair is also the root of self-destructive and externally destructive behavior of all kinds.

Many years of work as a healer have given me a broad perspective on the paths of individual souls and of our world. I have observed that the factors within our lives which cause us to despair are the same factors that can make us strong. In order to rise to the challenges and develop our personal power and potential, we have to believe in ourselves and/or a benevolent purpose in our life.

A benevolent purpose is always present, although often deeply hidden; it is who we are in an eternal spiritual sense. We are part of both the Oneness of spirit as well as the creation that is life; and that Oneness in which we find our true source is right here where we are. The awareness of our true core identity is in the process of awakening within each soul on earth during the next 35 years. This awakening process makes all the difference to our experience.

The issue of believing in oneself finds its perfect resolution in this new and emerging self-awareness. Where self-confidence and worth is based on outward success, or on what others think of us, it is a very fragile thing. But increasingly knowing our true nature, we gradually become aware that we are, and have always been, exactly who and what life needed us to be. We are each unique and essential.

My job as a healer is to open people to the remembrance of their own value and the benevolence of life. It requires bringing kindness, love and respect to the darker places within our souls and our world; allowing those places within to remember the truth that is always present at the core. A tiny opening to that truth initiates healing of hurt, anger, blame and despair. Then forgiveness and love can begin to wash clean the negative states and restore hope and a willingness to live and continue to grow within a body, soul or society.
Many times, the root of our disease is buried beneath the ordinary focus of daily life. It is hidden in our bodies, in our past, in the unpleasant parts of town where we prefer not to go, or in the most secret places of our lives. Often these issues are hidden even from ourselves; but they affect our lives all the same. When there is a buildup of too many conscious or unconscious elements of despair in the body or in society, we see disease. This is why stress sets us off; it breaks down our outer identity and leaves us vulnerable to the weaknesses hidden in our deeper levels of self. It may also pave the way for change and growth.

When disease occurs, there is an opportunity to release and heal those previously hidden toxic life experiences. As a healer, I go to the time and place just prior to a despair- causing incident or trauma and prepare the soul of my client (back then) for the circumstances to come. I bring perspective to them from their future, assuring them that they will survive this — a perspective from spirit that the circumstance will bring opportunities for developing soul muscles that are needed in their evolution. I remind them that their true self is eternal, unbreakable and always safe. I invite wisdom and strength from their future self to help them through the difficulty, and then I stay with them as they enter the challenge, reassuring and strengthening their connection to their own wisdom, truth and power each step of the way.
Where needed, I help the soul release any built-up emotions through a simple energy venting, like letting air out of a tire. Working with angels, I invite this energy to be turned into love and returned to our source in spirit.

It is amazing to me how, over time, I have been guided to use these same principles and techniques on the larger levels of family, society, countries and our world. There are so many huge changes that we have to undergo during this period of our evolution. All this change is creating stress, which brings out our weaker elements of self and the darker elements of society. But these are only symptoms of our growth. They open up the hidden and festering places of soul and makes them available for healing. As a healer, this transition provides opportunities to resolve issues long buried and inaccessible. It is both exciting and challenging.

The same is happening for the physical planet, and what appears to be death and destruction is an opportunity for change and growth. Be open to unexpected miracles, and don’t limit your assumptions of our future by the despair of our past. As more and more souls awaken to their Oneness with Source and all beings, life will rally on every level; although it may look pretty nasty at different points along the way. Welcome a spirit of hope to live within your heart and mind despite appearances. The presence of hope within you is an open door for healing to occur for yourself, those you love and for the earth!


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