The Possibilities are Endless


By Laura Moody

When I was five years old, I had long hair that went down my back and people told me I was so cute. I was an only child and I was a dreamer! I saw myself singing, acting, dancing, and the possibilities were endless! As I entered school, I found that people started to “define” me. I was told what I could do and what was unaccepted for a young lady growing up in the 1960s. As I got older, the lines grew tighter and my possibilities of who I was and what I was here for became ridged by those around me. I felt confined. The only thing I knew for certain was that there was a loving force or energy that I felt from time to time that I could not explain.

When I hit my 30’s, my psychic ability increased and I started having vivid dreams at night. The dreams came to guide and teach me, and they awakened me. Once I started to meditate and connect with my angels and spirit guides, the possibilities became endless. What if I could heal others? What if I could connect with those that passed? What if I could be a higher version of who I am today? But as I started to ponder these thoughts, I found an old voice inside my head saying, “Don’t be foolish, you can’t do that. You are too old, it is too late, you are not smart enough, and you are not good enough. You are not enough.” It is a tape that has been going on for years in my head.

So I ask you, what is your tape saying? Is it limiting you to becoming a higher version of you? Many people I know are stuck in life situations that create misery and despair, and I find that their biggest problem is the tape in their head. So how do we change the tape? I have found that one way is affirmations. By speaking out loud the things we want to create, we experience a shift in our own energy field. I find that focusing on gratitude can create a lighter and higher vibration, and create emotions of joy that help us be open to endless possibilities. As we become open, this loving force helps us reach higher levels and attracts higher possibilities for our lives.

So I ask you to come back to your younger self when the possibilities were endless and you could be anything. I encourage you to explore this and open up to this loving force. The possibilities are endless! You can be anything!

I invite you to come to the, Rock Your World Fairs and share your dreams with me! I hope to see you soon!


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