Understanding Leads to Wisdom


by Linda La Croix

  In dedicating time to my self-care, I enjoyed reading the entire May issue of the Body Mind Spirit Guide. Reading and pondering life is a large part of my self-care regime. Increasing my awareness of all that is available will not only enhance my wisdom and understanding but also store it in my memory.

  Being a networker, I like to gather information to share with others. For this reason, I read and store information for future reference. As usual, I found many ideas, interesting people, and phenomenal information in it. It’s amazing to see the different teachings each one has been drawn to, which is an endless supply. That’s a Truth for me because I believe God, as Universal Energy, is unlimited. 

  Seeking Truth in my life began in early childhood. I often found myself wondering, why am I here? What is the purpose of life? It wasn’t until in my 30s and 40s, when I stepped away from beliefs that other people gave me, that I found what resonated for me. I began listening to my own intuition and was drawn to what felt right for me. 

  Researching for myself gave me a different perspective and a new way to see life, my life, and why not choose because we live what we believe.  

  That way of thinking led me to the Unity teachings. Once I read Myrtle Fillmore’s book Healing Letters, I began a deeper study of the work that created Unity. The more I read, the more understanding of life I gained. Being amazed that this book written 100 years before me had some of the same self-care ideals led me to a greater understanding. The more I researched, the more ideas flowed in. From there, I found the wisdom to know the Truth that was right for me and the answer to my childhood questions.

  A lot of time has passed, but I can definitely see where spiritual living was exactly the self-care ideals I had been seeking. Eventually, it led to opportunities for me to share my understanding with others. Sharing is exactly what the Body Mind Spirit Guide does for all of us. It provides an outreach to the community to gather new understandings that work right for their lives.  

  Part of being on a spiritual journey in life is to live in the present, connect with all the good spiritual energies that you can, and live in the flow of those positive energies. When you are living in the flow of life, things align easier for you. Ideas and thoughts will cross your path at nearly the same time. This will excite you and yet make you ponder how they are connected. 

  Our unlimited mind will always seek more, and more will happen, just like in a recent video I viewed of a physical therapy technique. It spoke about how a certain muscle group worked with your breath. Having never seen that person before or heard of that technique, I was intrigued. A bit later, I wondered if my new awareness brought that forward when my chiropractor spoke of the same thing in the video. Well, that’s living in the flow, which makes life easier, and an easier life is what we all want. We can enhance that flow during our self-care time by reaching out to others who are in phenomenal fields of work and those who work with spiritual energy. 

  When we actively participate in being a part of the flow, it’s odd but also exciting. It brings validation that we are living in alignment with God/Universe/Truth. We see it, feel and enjoy it. Still, inquisitive minds will want to know more. We want to understand what life is, how we can work with it, get the most from life and understand how to keep this flow working in our lives all the time.

  Should you be interested in exploring and getting to know yourself and life better, check out; Charles Fillmore’s book titled; The 12 Powers of Man. In it, you’ll find the 12 spiritual and mental associations within all humans. Everyone has these powers, and if you use them, your new understanding can merge into a deeper understanding of life.

 Wisdom is one of the 12 Powers of Man, and understanding is another. Understanding is the process we use to break down what we see, hear, and do, which leads us to our wisdom and knowing the Truth. Wisdom is important as that is the knowing of the absolute Truth in all things. For example, if you ever hit your thumb with a hammer, you quickly gain an understanding of how to hold the nail differently. Then you decided to store that wisdom in your memory so that it didn’t happen again.

  In spiritual living, we find our own Truths and that which resonates with us. During this time in our life, there is so much information given to us, but don’t let what is given be locked into your beliefs. Let no one give you information. Research, use your intuition, be wise, and find your own understanding before committing anything as your Truth.  

  The month of July is the perfect time to research your own flow of understanding as we celebrate freedom and independence. I pray that you make it your intention not to accept things as they appear in front of you or given to you by someone else. Instead, free yourself to your own independence through self-care; read, learn, and be open to finding what intuitively feels like Truth to you. 

  You are always invited to check out one of our many service times at unitylakeorion.org and begin your search with us. Wherever you begin, remember that which you believe in your conscious mind, good, bad, positive or negative, is what you will live.  

Life is an unlimited learning process; connect in enjoy the flow!

Many Blessings, 

Linda La Croix 

Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion 

and A Spiritual Walk 


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