Understanding and Loving the Dark Side


By Laura Moody

When I was younger and started dating, I was afraid of showing my true self. I thought once people see my faults, they won’t like me. I hid from the other side of me. I call it the “dark” side. My dark side is full of fear, guilt, shame, and anger. My dark side often acts like a child or a wounded animal. My dark side lives in the past and is hardly in the present. My dark side is a part of me.

It is said we all have a “dark” side. Some people call it the “inner child”; others call it “sin”; whatever it is, many of us never speak of it. I always feel there are two of me. The part of me connected to life and light, the being inside me that is full of hope and countless possibilities. Then occasionally, when I least expect it, this other me raises its head and will say something offensive or will be full of fear. I started to think about this “dark” me and thought maybe I could reason with her. It did not work. It seems the only thing that calms her down is love. If I am loving and send “light” to the “dark” me, she radiates and is full of hope.

I do mirror exercises to talk to her. I found that when I look her in the eye and say, “I love you,” she responds. I find that affirmations also work. Sometimes I visualize a younger version of me, and I see myself walking up to her, and hugging her, and saying, “You are beautiful.” I have found that if I can visualize a younger version of myself, I can truly love myself. Embracing our “dark” side means loving that part of us that is fearful of change and lives in a lower vibration. Sometimes I feel like I am an “adult,” and the dark side is a “child.” I tell her that I will take care of us, to have hope, and that I love her.

If you suffer from self-esteem issues and find it hard to be loving and kind to yourself, embrace the dark side. Do mirror work. Look into the mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself. Bring light and a higher vibration of loving energy to yourself in the mirror. Our own happiness depends on this. As we bring the “light” into the dark, it illuminates all around it.

The month of July has some of the longest days of sunlight. I encourage each one of you to bring this light into your vibration and love. Take time this summer to focus on gratitude. Be kind to yourself, be playful, and send light and happiness to all facets of you.

Laura Moody is a psychic medium, clairvoyant, pet psychic, and organizer of Rock Your World Events. For more on Laura, go to: www.readingsbylaura.net


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