The NDE Experience…


By Wendy Powers Nugent

I was dead for more than 30 minutes, maybe longer, as the nurse started to make her rounds on my hospital floor that night. I went through a very difficult operation but was finally released to the post-op surgical floor. The last thing I recalled was sitting up in bed watching TV, wishing that my roommate in the next bed would stop trying to talk with me through the curtain that separated us. I want to rest after a long day. Funny, I felt no pain. I had no idea when the nurse came to check on my vitals and found me catatonic with blue lips and not breathing. Code Blue was announced, and I was quickly rushed to another room with machines and many people surrounding me, trying to get my heart to start. I was aware of all that was going on around me even though I heard my doctor clearly say it may have been too long… Later I found out that they just were not sure when I actually died. I was cold to the touch when they moved me into the operating room. I saw the long needle they plunged into my chest to inject adrenaline into my heart as they wheeled me down the hall. Once in the room, they used paddles to shock my heart into a rhythm, but it just was not working. As they were frantically working on me, I watched from above, looking down at my body, unsure what the fuss was about; I felt fine. Did they not realize I was alive watching them… I heard the doctor call my death and watched everyone walk slowly out of the room. My doctor asked the nurse to please call my family to let them know what happened. 

I was only 33 years old with two children at home; how could I be dead!? My doctor, Michael Steward, watched over me with a tear in his eye, “she is so young,” he whispered. I called out to him, “I am not dead. I am here!!”  I felt my body floating towards the ceiling when I was stopped by three orbs that blocked my way from leaving the hospital room. I knew they were souls of the highest realm as they were pure white light so bright that you would think I would have been blinded to look at them. 

Instead, I felt a soothing, loving energy coming from the orbs. They revealed to me that I needed to go back. At that time, I was doing more than 40+ one-hour readings per week, conducting seminars to large crowds, and appearing on many radio and TV shows, but I felt I needed to fulfill my spiritual purpose. The Orbs told me that I needed to do more than just readings; I needed to teach spiritual awareness. The awakening was coming, and people needed to be spiritually prepared. At first, I did not want to take on this task, but I eventually gave in and said I would. The next thing I knew, my doctor was staring down at me with dismay; he quickly checked my vitals and called the team back into the room to help in my recovery. Later Dr. Steward came to see me at my bedside in ICU. He told me that he saw a white mist enter my body. Also, he said that he had seen this before in recovering patients that coded. Dr. Steward knew of my career as a professional psychic, so he asked when I felt better if he could come by and ask me a few questions about my experience during my journey to the other side… 

In the late seventies, an Association for the scientific research of NDEs was established. Some of these researchers included: John Audette, Dr. Moody, and many others. They laid the foundations for the field of near-death research and studies. This organization laid the way for other studies in the near-death field, which carried out research based on Dr. Moody’s work. Soon followed The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), founded in the early eighties. This association was the first to establish a peer-reviewed journal, “Journal of Near-Death Studies.”      

Going through a death experience reminds us of who we really are; this is not our real home nor our real form. We are Spiritual Souls housed in a physical body. We must experience things in this plane which can fool us into thinking this is our real home. Sometimes we need to be reminded of our purpose here and take a quick trip back to our real home. 

We must experience difficulties and hardships in this life to learn and evolve our souls. If everything was given to us and there were no challenges in life, we would never grow or learn. It is important to be the best person you can be, pay it forward, and care for others even when life is not good for us personally. Have you ever experienced the joy of giving? I know you have; it feels so much better than receiving it. 

That is the basic lesson of this plane. Love means caring more for another’s needs than your own. We are rewarded in so many ways other than through money or glory. Most people who experience NDEs are reminded of this all-encompassing love and change their path to lead a more purposeful one.  


Wendy Powers Nugent

She is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister, Writer, and Certified Counselor. She has been a professional psychic with Proven Accuracy for more than 45 years!

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