The Power of the Universal Mind


Have you ever wondered where a psychic gets their information from? Or, how a psychic Medium opens the door to communicate with souls that are no longer on the earth plane of existence? Or, what’s that little voice that you hear every now and then, giving you sage wisdom or warnings of things to come? Whether you are well-trained to pick up on information from the universe or you just randomly receive messages, you are talking with the Universal Mind of God (UMG).

Now, don’t confuse religion with the God energy which is the glue of our universe. We have the ability to totally tune into the knowledge gathered by scholars and the wisdom of the ages that have been gathering in the UMG plane of existence. I read somewhere that there are no original ideas. This is because they are all within the UMG and when you are ready to tap in and receive the information, your mind will open up and you have a “God thought.” Sometimes it will come in a dream, other times as an epiphany. This is why, as the human mind is ready to receive a higher thought, an invention, a great novel or a higher wisdom of thought, you’ll find several people having the same communication from the UMG at the exact same moment in time.

I know that at least once in your life you had a great idea, or maybe a thought that you received ahead of an event, or a thought about a new invention and you said to yourself, “I knew that; I wish I would have listened to my little voice.” New movie scripts and books ideas have been written, only to find that as they are being produced and released to the public market, at the same time the event described in the movie plot or novel is taking place in real time.

So how do you communicate with the UMG? First, start a diary to keep track of your dreams. Also record each time you hear or feel your little voice. I say, “feel” because some people get a feeling, not necessarily a little voice. Once you are more familiar with your intuitive feelings and thoughts that line up with an event, you will be able to discern a thought from true communication with the UMG.

Meditation can’t be stressed enough. This will help you achieve a good connection to the UMG. Find a class or join a group to sharpen your meditation skills. This is a very important step even if you already know how to meditate. If you do not believe you can meditate, you can get into a deeper level of relaxation by simply breathing-in deeply, then letting out your breath slowly. Believe it or not, you will get into at least the alpha level of the mind if done for a few minutes. Once you are in a deeper level of the mind, you can communicate better with spirit, you can write, invent, create music and improve art skills. It’s even possible to improve sports skills, calm down anxiety, and improve your overall mental and physical health.

I had an appointment with a new doctor last month. He told me that in reading my health history, he wanted to know how I overcame my extensive health challenges. I told him, “meditation!” He was amazed. Then he shared with me that the hospital built a meditation center and has started to recommend patients to it. He was not sure if it would work, but after meeting me and hearing my story, he will definitely guide his patients to the center. I overcame a stroke, pulmonary embolisms, four surgeries, and several severe concussions (a result of fainting due to blood clotting.) Sounds bad I know, but that is the miracle! I always turn to meditation to heal my body and mind. I was born with four clotting disorders and it is a lifetime struggle to stay healthy. I could not do it without the healing energy of the UMG.

I’m sharing this so that you know that these are not just words or ideas, but the truth. You can help yourself heal and stay as healthy as possible through your connection to the UMG.

Have a healthy and Prosperous New Year!!


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