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Your Personal Year Number


By John Ashbrook

Your personal year is in effect, from birthday to birthday. It is one of several important numerical indicators of events that will be part of your life during that time. The personal year number is both directive and predictive. Knowing this number vibration and its meaning helps you to take the right path in dealing with life issues, both positive and otherwise, that come up during this twelve month period.

It is very easy to figure your personal year number. Take the numbers for the month and the day of your birthday, and then add the universal year number. The universal year number for 2019 is 3, for 2020 it is 4. For example, if your last birthday was April 5, 2019. You would add 4+15+3 = 22 and 2 + 2 = 4. (Always reduce double digits to a single digit by adding them together). So, for the twelve months between 4-15-2019 and 4-15-2020, your personal year number would be 4.

Let’s take another example. The next birthday coming up is October 10, 2020. The personal year number would come from adding 10+10+4=24 and 2+4=6. Your personal year number for October 10, 2020 to October 10, 2021 is 6.

Figure your personal year number and look it up in the following list of meanings:

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 1: You are entering a new cycle. It is time for new beginnings. Be courageous and assertive, start new projects, meet new people, and go to new places. Hopefully, you’ve learned from the past – you could be tested.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 2: This is the year to pay attention to your intuitive feelings. They may provide important insights regarding the direction of your life. Co-operation, partnerships, and legal contact may be highlighted.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 3: It’s time to express yourself – appropriately, of course! Let out your creative ideas. Don’t let the opinions of others affect your positive self-esteem.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 4: This is the year to make changes. Build solid foundations for a bright new future. Begin new disciplines for better health and financial security.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 5: You may find yourself busier than usual over the course of this year. Be careful of becoming scattered. Pursue more personal freedom, education, travel, and social opportunities.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 6: Stay away from extremes. Seek balance in all areas of your life. Home, family, and health decisions are in the spotlight. It’s a good time to make commitments – personal and relationships.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 7: Patience, faith, truth are the watchwords for this year. Take a special vacation, relax. Trust life. You’ll find yourself doing a lot of introspection, seeing things differently.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 8: Pursue your ambitions. You’ve got the power now, but use it with discretion. Extra money may come your way. Seeds planted now will yield rewards in the future. People and situations from the past might return for a re-assessment.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER 9: Let go of the old. Do some housecleaning. It’s time to discard attitudes, things, and situations that might be holding you back. You are preparing for a new beginning next year. See PYN 1.


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