The Power of Trees


The Power of Trees
by Pauline Dettloff

In the last several years’ scientists have learned more about the special networking of trees in the forest and their communication with each other. They have learned that a forest is a cooperative system that has a large underground network that communicates with each tree in the forest. This “fungi” or pipeline connects one root system to another. In other words, the trees work to help each other out by sending the appropriate warning signals regarding environmental changes and they work together to send the nutrients needed to help other trees in the forest survive. Wow! What a wonderful world we have!

Many that have had near death experiences and have glimpsed a bit of the other side will come back changed and full of self-purpose. One common thread of NDE is the comment that we are connected more then we realize. Those that have experienced this phenomenon will become gentler and want to help others more. They see a connection to a network between us all.

We have often heard of soul-mates, twin-flames, life partners, soul partners and more. Many believe that the people we deal with in our daily life we have dealt with each other before. Many see a network of a soul group or soul purpose between the individuals in our life. So what if this is true? What if this is not our first time here? What if there is a larger purpose for us individually or as a soul group or a human conscious?

With all the turmoil in the world, it can be hard to find our little part in this universe and is often hard to stay positive. So how can we grow and help one other? How do we find our place?

At Michigan Psychic Fair we offer life path readings. These readings can assist you in areas of relationships to others and to yourself. We believe like the trees we are all connected and are all unique. We believe that no one is too great or too little. We all need each other to send out the needed nutrients of life.

When you visit our fairs you will find loving caring individuals who work first to serve and send out the signals and messages to you to help you survive and thrive! Just like the forest, we all work together to create a place of growth and nourishment. I encourage you to come to our fairs and experience a reading for yourself. Just like there is power in trees, there is power in us. We are all connected yet unique. Let us share our gift with you!


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