by Vincent Genna, MSW

After having researched and studied the spirit and mind for over 35 years, I have been able to give full evidence to the following: IT HAS NEVER BEEN, AND IT IS NOT NOW, NOR WILL EVER BE YOUR EGO THAT CAUSES ANY OF YOUR CURRENT EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, OR SPIRITUAL ISSUES! The ego is God’s greatest gift to us! In fact, our egos and God are one!

Ego allows you to feel your magnificence and Divine nature. It allows you to feel good about yourself when you’ve done well. When you feel the Divine within you, when you feel good about yourself, you create your life MORE in the direction of love and goodness. So, your ego is the most important aspect of being a “being.” It is not an earthly trait. The Source of all there is, God, infused ego into us upon our creation. It is part of our very essence and is in the likeness of God. GOD HAS EGO!!!

God feels good when It and we do good! Throughout Chapter 1 of the Bible, after everything God created, it says, “God saw that it was good.” What do you think God was saying here? “I did a good job!” That is God’s ego being able to acknowledge the goodness and beauty It created. Its ego allowed it to create more goodness and beauty. The ego can acknowledge the difference between bad and good, but it doesn’t direct us or fool us or cause us to make any lower choices. Other aspects of our psyche, our minds, cause us to do that. Without ego, we would have no reason to exist! Without ego, we wouldn’t have been created!

Life without an ego would be the same thing as sex without the feeling of an orgasm. Is it the orgasm that causes us to be promiscuous and seek to keep feeling that pleasure? NO, of course not! Again, it is another part of our mind that motivates our choices, based on what feels good. We are motivated to do things and create beliefs in an attempt to feel good about ourselves, especially when our ego has been bruised, hacked at, or broken. The two defenses we use to make us feel better about ourselves are intellectualization and rationalization.

Intellectualization and rationalization direct our thoughts to find something or someone else to blame. Since the earliest days of psychological and spiritual counseling and guidance, humankind has needed to identify something to direct “blame” towards. If it’s not someone else, which is most common, it’s something within. In early times it was the “devil” that caused us to do bad things. Some religions today still hold that to be their truth. Over the past few centuries, psychology and spirituality movements have labeled it to be the “ego” that is causing all our individual troubles as if it were something separate from our minds that we could control independently. “The devil made me do it,” has become: “The ego made me do it!” “Damn that ego, it keeps getting in the way.” “I’m such a good person, most of the time, but that ego, boy, gives me all my troubles!” We do that because it is easier to pass the blame onto something other than our own direct thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. “I’m getting in my own way,” “I screwed up,” is much harder to admit and accept.

So now, the common theories coming from some who are considered “enlightened experts” on how to evolve to your highest potential are all the same: “Lose your ego,” “Control your ego,” “Let down your ego,” “Rise above your ego,” “Embrace, but keep your ego in check,” and on and on. Can anyone please tell me the correct way to “check” your ego? “Ok, today I feel great that I just got the promotion at work I always wanted. Wow! I feel so proud of myself. Now hold on here. HOW great am I feeling about that? I don’t want to feel too great about it. I mean, after all, it’s only an accomplishment and I’ve been dreaming about that promotion for a long time. I don’t want my ego to get out of control here. I don’t want to feel too good now. That may make me feel egotistical or better than everyone else.” Can anyone please tell me how that type of living and attitude empowers our spiritual evolvement? How does that allow us to reconnect with God, our greatness, and to our unlimited capacity to feel love, happiness, and complete joy for who we are as Divine beings? It can’t!

If we are unlimited (which we are), then our accomplishments are unlimited (which they are). Therefore, our joy and capacity to feel great and magnificent are unlimited, too! And feeling great and magnificent involves the “I.” “I feel great! I feel magnificent! I feel empowered!” And guess what? “Ego” comes from the Latin and Greek word “Ego,” which exactly defined means, “I.” You cannot experience any part of you without the “I” and, therefore, you cannot experience any part of you without your ego. Without ego, you feel bad, detached, unconnected, and separated from yourself, your soul, your Divinity, the Universe, and God! “I Am, that I Am.” “I Am the way, and the truth, and the life.” “Who I Am, you are.” “All that I can do, you can do, and more.” Throughout any bible is pure ego and in the “purest” sense of the word. False ego, over-inflated ego, etc are all fictitious terms meant to misdirect us from what is truly the cause of our inability to evolve and live to our fullest potential. Go to the right side of my website and listen to Marianne Williamson’s greatest work, “Our Greatest Fear,” and see that she is talking about how we “fear” our egos. Then, come back here again to discover what truly gets in our way. In the meantime, be thankful for the greatest part of you, your oneness with God, your ego!

Author bio: Vincent Genna, MSW is a world-renowned psychic healer and respected spiritual teacher.


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