The Spiritual Energy Crisis – Part I


By Chrissie Blaze

Debate continues about whether climate change is real. However, now more than ever before, the facts speak loudly for themselves with dangerous temperature increases, extreme cold, intense and wide-ranging flooding, massive forest fires, hurricanes, and other so-called natural disasters. In October 2021, The United Nations warned that this was the greatest threat the world has ever faced. As if this was not enough, we see heartbreaking human rights tragedies such as war, domestic terrorism, mass starvation, disease waves, homelessness and hopelessness on a vast scale, and other enormous injustices usually affecting the poorest and least able to cope.

We Live in a World of Extremes – Starvation and Abundance

Yet, at the same time, we have a world of abundance and plenty. We have more billionaires than ever before, with the USA leading the way. Only a few days ago, I heard on the BBC that 1% of the population owns over 40% of the wealth in India. 

Where does all this leave us? I suspect most of us reading this are not starving – or billionaires. As difficult as our lives may seem, we are fortunate that we are somewhere in the middle, for even vast riches take their toll. Money is power, and extreme wealth brings extreme power – and extreme responsibility.

Power to the People

The good news is that people like us can solve the massive crises now facing our world. We can hope all we like for politicians or billionaires to solve the problems of the world, but this is unlikely to happen now until we, the so-called “ordinary person” with a good heart who wants to help others, begin to use the real power available to us – not money, nor political clout – but the inner power that is available to us all. And once we learn to understand and radiate it, this colossal energy, more powerful than electricity, we can begin to solve what Dr. George King entitled in the 1960s “The Spiritual Energy Crisis”:

The Spiritual Energy Crisis

Dr. King taught that we have everything we need at our disposal to solve this crisis because:

“The real energy crisis which exists upon our world is the spiritual energy crisis, and if this was solved, all other crisis would cease to exist.” [1] 

This definitive statement was made by Dr. George King, Western Master of Yoga and Founder/President of The Aetherius Society, after many years of studying the problems that face humanity.

Many scientists would deny this, believing that the real problems on this earth are, for example, the dangers of atomic experimentation and nuclear waste, lack of resources, pollution, and natural disasters. However, the difference between the orthodox scientist and the meta-scientist is that the former studies and treats the effects, while the latter deals with the more important underlying causes.

The physical energy crisis is the effect of the spiritual energy crisis, and unless the latter is solved, the former will always remain. This is due to the all-pervasive Law of Karma which governs the physical, mental and spiritual state of mankind upon Earth. According to the Law of Karma, action and reaction are opposite and equal or, as The Master Jesus taught: “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

The Karma of Humanity

In other words, as long as we have wars, upheavals, and unrest in many countries; poverty; racial hatred, and hypocrisy; as long as we raise our brittle civilization upon the faltering foundations of materialism, we shall continue to contribute negatively to the Karmic pattern of humanity and so continue to have energy crises.

Only when we realize that we are our brother’s keeper and act for the benefit of others will our collective karmic pattern improve, and thus will begin the resolution of both the physical and the spiritual energy crises.

Fortunately, there are lights in the darkness: those brave and compassionate individuals who are helping in many ways to relieve the spiritual energy crisis. Most of these people would not claim to be spiritual–the policeman risking his life to alleviate the drug problem, the dedicated doctors and nurses who work around the clock to save the lives of strangers to them.

What is Spiritual energy?

Spiritual energy is not an emotion or a power reserved for men of the cloth. It is an active, living thing that, according to Dr. King…” is just as much energy as electricity. The difference is simply that it operates on a different frequency and does a different job and thus has to be manipulated in a different way.” 

Dr. King is also an expert in radionics: the science of the manipulation of subtle energies. As a Yoga Master, he was well-equipped to find effective solutions to the spiritual energy crisis—and this he did. However, just as the rice needs to be eaten in order to appease starvation, so do the solutions he found need to be utilized before they can take effect. Being a realist, he stressed that this would not happen overnight. “The energy crisis could be solved by an adept in seven days, but the change required by mankind would not be made by mankind.”

In other words, an adept or enlightened person with a deep knowledge of metaphysics, the law of Karma, and having certain advanced skills and abilities could solve the spiritual—and then the physical—energy crisis in just a few days. However, even though workable solutions to the problems could be given by the adept, it would still necessitate a great change being made by humanity in order for these solutions to manifest.

Our True Nature

Often a catalyst for such a change is an understanding of our true nature, which is rarely found in our schools or universities. The majority of us are conditioned from childhood into believing that the intellectual yardstick is the most reliable one by which to measure success in life. This conditioning does not allow a full expression of the range of latent powers within us all. It does not acknowledge the fact that we are all spiritual energy radiators.

Several years ago, Dr. N. J. Sowell, a leading nuclear scientist, said in a radio broadcast: “With a delicate instrument devised to measure the wavelengths of the brain, we recently checked the emanations from the brain of a woman near death, She was praying at the time, and we could tell that something about her was reaching toward God. The meter registered 500 positive. This is 55 times the power registered by a 50 kilowatt broadcast station sending a message around the world!” Extracts from the Messenger Epping Methodist Church Circuit, Feb-Apr 1974.

It is this fantastic power that is latent within us all. When we learn how to best utilize this for the benefit of ourselves and others, we can help to solve the underlying spiritual energy crisis. It is when we do this that harmony, healing, and the transformation of our world must, by karmic law, naturally take place.

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…to be continued.

The Rev. Chrissie Blaze

NOTE: Chrissie Blaze is an international speaker, radio show host, author of twelve books, and long-time direct disciple in London and Los Angeles of the Society’s Founder, Dr. George King. She is a priest at the Michigan Branch.

  [1] Beyond Science article by Chrissie Blaze, edited by Dr. George King.


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