There is Much More to Hypnosis than You May Realize


Do you know that there are some amazing ways people are using hypnosis today? Many people, of course, will see a hypnotist to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, overcome undesirable habits, increase their self-esteem, conquer phobias and even eliminate debilitating anxiety. These are certainly great reasons to have a hypnosis session. But there are other uses for hypnosis that you may not even be aware of.

If you are open to the possibility, you can experience a past life. You can even do what is called, future-life progression, where people go into the future to see what life will be like if they continue doing what they have been doing, or what it could be like if they make some changes. Dr. Brian Weiss, who was a prominent psychiatrist and often used past-life regression would also, at times, do future-life progression. He once worked with a client who was extremely prejudiced against Muslims. In a future life, she, herself, was a Muslim, and she was extremely hateful toward Russians. She did another future-life progression, and in this one, she hated a different group of people. Dr. Weiss pointed out that if she did not give up this hatred and prejudice, she would continue to have similar incarnations until she finally let go of the hatred. She was able to release the hatred soon after the session, and in the next future-life progression she was a kind person, free of prejudice, desiring to help humanity. Obviously, the future-life progressions were very beneficial to her.

Another thing you can do with hypnosis is to go to what some call the “Super Conscious” level and actually communicate with “masters” or “guides” or “angels.” Here you can receive invaluable advice and wisdom, and get help for practically any problem you are experiencing. You can find out what your purpose is, what career would be best for you, and even ways to improve your relationships. You could find out why you are having various problems and learn the best course of action for you to take. You could gain insight into why you have a certain illness and what would be the best way to deal with this. Many people have even received healings from these masters or guides.

There is another type of hypnosis that you may not be familiar with. It has several names, one of which is called the “Hypnotic Coma State.” For this, the hypnotist guides you to the deepest level you can go to without falling asleep. People who have gone into this state report having such a blissful feeling that they did not wish to come out of it. Some people take drugs to reach this type of euphoria, but that is not necessary. Not only does this state feel wonderful, but it can also replace drugs to alleviate pain—the pain of childbirth, dental surgery, etc. Just as one heals with sleep, one also heals while in this state.

One well-known hypnotist, Gerald F. Kein, who often works with the Hypnotic Coma State, has been able to teach people how to put themselves into a similar state using “self-hypnosis.” Imagine having a tool like this, which you can use to ameliorate chronic pain, to relieve stress, or to enter this blissful state of mind. Perhaps if more people were aware of all the benefits of hypnosis there would not be this terrible drug addiction problem that so many people are struggling with today.

A number of hypnotists believe that every person should be taught self-hypnosis in school because it is such a valuable tool. It can be used to reduce anxiety, to do better on exams, to improve sports performance, and so much more.


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