A Youthful State of Mind


So many people feel trapped in their lives — whether it be in a job, a relationship or a certain life situation. Many of them clearly know what they’d rather be doing, but either they don’t feel worthy, or are paralyzed with fear of failure. For many, staying in an undesirable situation can be much easier to cope with than the fear of the unknown.

How did we get here? How did we go from being carefree children, dreaming of the countless possibilities in life, to stress-filled adults?

As we age, we adopt limiting beliefs that create “road closed” signs in our minds. We allow the fear of failure to keep us from moving in a different direction. We don’t realize that roadblocks aren’t meant to stop us in our tracks. They’re meant to push us into new directions. You see, roadblocks are actually directional signs that are placed along our way by the universe. Unfortunately,
the nature of being human causes us to rebel against those signs since we inherently want to resist change and remain within a comfort zone.

The difference between the mindset of a young person and that of an older one is that the younger person is not yet aware of the struggles that oftentimes accompany the events of life. I’m sure that you’ve seen it. Children are fearless. They will pursue anything that grabs their attention and stimulates their sense of adventure and curiosity. They don’t sit around for days, weeks, or months, analyzing each life decision. They know how to be present in every moment, without needing to worry over the “what if’s”.

So, here’s a few “what if” scenarios: What if we began to pattern ourselves after children? What if we allowed our lives to be directed by the things that ignite a passion within us? What if we allowed ourselves to get off the merry-go-round that society has us on, and stopped believing that life is simply about punching a clock and bringing home a hefty paycheck.

Don’t you realize that when you pursue the things that you really enjoy, you’ll be able to do them better than anything else? It’s that excited energy that fuels your ability to achieve success in all areas that kindle passion in your soul.

So, when you stumble upon roadblocks, instead of feeling defeated — allowing them to stop you in your tracks — learn to be grateful, and accept them for what they are… a simple course correction. With each wrong turn in life, we may feel like time or energy has been wasted, however, there are always amazing lessons hiding in each twist and turn. Learn to appreciate EVERY experience fearlessly, knowing you are safe.

If all your actions, thoughts and words come from a place of love, you will always have a safety net beneath you with each adventure that you embark upon. That safety net is the love and support of others.

It’s not by accident that we are all here together, having this earthbound experience. We are here to do this as a team, and team members never leave a teammate behind. Trust in this.

Remember, we are all simply actors, acting out roles in a magnificent play. This is not home. This is only a temporary assignment. Don’t allow yourself to return home with unfinished business. Discover your passion and pursue it fearlessly. Trust that all of your needs are being provided for and enjoy this journey to the fullest.


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