Transformation: Entering into the Unknown


Transformation: Entering into the Unknown
By Miche Lame’

I love all the seasons, and fall symbolizes a time of transformation into the unknown’s discomfort. When our soul turns to introspection and integrating the wisdom, we have gained.

The time of Halloween and the thinning of the veils between dimensions/worlds. It is a time where things are shaken up a bit so we can wake up from our sleepwalking state and turn to inner growth and gaining of wisdom, sometimes going into the unknown as we grow towards transformation, towards being our best self. It is a time where we reap what we have sown in our growth towards wholeness.

Crisis (like the current Covid) can be an opportunity from the divine to expose the places in us, where we can grow and wake up, process through them, and pay attention to them so we can heal. These places are where we are stuck in outdated programs, thoughts, and emotions.

The divine is not about punishing. Source is about our best interests and our growth – and we sometimes experience growing pains in our transformation into our best self.

It’s ok; there is a reason for the expression of “no pain, no gain,” and it doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself your own cheering squad or support group to help ease this transformation. It’s a time when we can wake up to being aware that everything we believe, think, say, and do creates our vibration, which then makes our experience of how we interact with the world and draws experiences – desired and not – that are in alignment with our highest good, our transformation into our best self, so we become self-actualized and raise our vibration. This is what it means to transform into our best self – to have the courage to step into the unknown – to allow ourself to be transformed by waking up to our beliefs, thoughts and how our words and actions have the power to affect how we perceive and what we attract in life.

Life challenges are a time when we can choose to mindfully transform those old programs into ones that are positive and pointing us in the direction of change, transformation, and into the unknown aspects of our self. (The self that is worthy, good enough, non-judgemental, lovable, powerful, and divine).

Transformation means to walk in the world as our best self, our Divine Self – even if it’s uncomfortable. I know you have the ability and courage to allow this waking up and transforming in your own way, in your own life as you walk into the unknown.


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