UFOs and The Extraterrestrial Message


By Brian Keneipp

If you are paying attention to what is happening on Earth, you can see that all is not well on our planet.

I recently returned from Australia, where they are very much aware of this. 2019 was the hottest and driest year in their history, leading to the historic firestorms, killing over a billion animals, including as much as 50% of all the Koalas on Earth. This was followed by record size hail pummeling their capital city, Canberra. Other examples of a world out of balance abound. For those of us willing and able to look beyond our own personal challenges, it is a good time to look outside the world news feed in order to make sense of what is happening and more importantly, try and find a way to help.

One interesting place to look is towards the UFO phenomenon which has been persistent since just after the Second World War. Once you successfully get past the basic question of whether they exist or not, you arrive at the far more interesting question, why are they here?

Realizing how advanced their technology must be to have traveled here in the first place, not to mention the maneuvers they have been observed making in their craft, we can be confident they are not belligerent. If they were, they could have obliterated mankind long ago. But then why are they here? Why don’t they land openly and communicate with us? Surely they would know and understand what is happening on Earth.

There is one organization, The Aetherius Society, founded by a Western Master of Yoga and contactee, Dr. George King, back in 1955 with some interesting clues.

Many missed it, but the reason extraterrestrials are visiting Earth was broadcast to the world through Dr. King on the live BBC television program “Lifeline” in 1959. Dr. King was asked by the interviewer if he could bring through a message from an extraterrestrial. Dr. King replied that he could, then proceeded to go into a positive yogic trance condition and brought through a short message from an intelligence named, Aetherius.

The Master Aetherius: ” Good evening, my dear friends.”
Questioner: “Good evening. Your name is?”
Aetherius: “I am known as – Aetherius.”
Questioner: “Where do you come from?”
Aetherius: “The Planet Venus.”
Questioner: “You do travel normally, in what Mr. King has described as Flying Saucers
when you move about Space, do you?”
Aetherius: “That is quite correct. We have indeed been visiting this Earth of yours for
some eighteen million of your Earth years.”
Questioner: “When you come here, what is your purpose?”
Aetherius: “At the moment, Earth as you call it, faces a certain situation. This situation
can be described as rather a dangerous one. You are liable to upset the balance
of your Earth through number one, atomic experimentation, and number two, your deviation
from the Spiritual Laws.”
Questioner: “Are your visits designed to warn us against this?”
Aetherius: “Yes.”
Questioner: “Is there one single message that you would like to give us this evening. I am
afraid it must be brief. You will understand that.”
Aetherius: “Yes. I would like to say this. If you are a Christian, then live the Laws as
laid down by Jesus. If you are a Buddhist, live the Laws as laid down by
Buddha. If you are a Hindu, then be the best Hindu. This procedure is the
one true way for men of Earth to save themselves from their lower aspects.”
Questioner: “Thank you, Aetherius, very much indeed. Good night.”
Aetherius: “Good night.”

If you were alive during that time you would easily understand the danger of atomic experimentation and the acute need to end it. Mankind was detonating so many atomic bombs above ground that we were causing serious damage to our environment, including the ionosphere and the Van Allen radiation belt. The extraterrestrials helped in many ways to lessen the environmental impact of these detonations, and inspired scientists of the day to rally against this form of atomic pollution; and although we certainly are not out of the woods on this score, the danger has diminished tremendously.

However, the other point — our deviation from known Spiritual Laws, continues unabated. Few would disagree that mankind has not been successful in following the spiritual teachings of these evolved Avatars. Their teachings, along with many others, are founded on compassion for others and selfless service. However, the concept that our deviation from Spiritual Laws being directly associated with and even causing many of our current troubles is not obvious to most. We tend to think mankind is an isolated anomaly in the Universe; a rare pocket of sentience in an unconnected Universe. Perhaps it is time for us to stretch past this concept, much like Copernicus and Galileo stretched beyond the idea that Earth was the center of the Universe back in the 16th century. It is common knowledge today that there are literally billions of Galaxies throughout the Universe and Earth is far from the center!

It is time for mankind to make another leap forward in awareness.

Our extraterrestrial friends tell us that in fact, the Galaxy, and yes even this solar system is filled with sentient Beings. Life on Earth is not a chance happening nor is it particularly rare. Extraterrestrials tend to be more evolved scientifically and spiritually, living on different levels of vibration, making it difficult for us to detect them.

They tell us that there is indeed a great spiritual purpose to life, that of evolution back to a conscious oneness with all. It is not a lack of interest in our plight that keeps them hidden, but that they follow very definite Spiritual Laws.

Mankind’s troubles, our wars, poverty, pollution and even, to a degree, our weather are all a result of our thoughts and actions. The solutions to these problems are our collective spiritual lessons. The more we live our lives in a compassionate and selfless manner, the more successful we will be in solving our problems.

They reveal that the reason our plight is getting more and more acute is due to greater cosmic moves taking place which requires the evolution of mankind to be speeded up. This quickening will, on the one hand, make things seem worse in the short term, but on the positive side, we will be helped to evolve quicker than we can imagine, providing we move towards the spiritual way of living.

You would be surprised by the help being made available for our quickened evolution; ways to evolve yourself quicker, to help heal others, to lessen catastrophes such as hurricanes and even ways to help the Mother Earth Herself. All one needs is an ardent desire to help others and to expand beyond the outdated Earth-centric model to one with a great plurality of beings throughout the Universe, all evolving back to a conscious oneness.

Brian Keneipp, Executive Director/Bishop of The Aetherius Society in America, worked closely for over 20 years with Master of Yoga/Aetherius Society Founder, Dr. George King. He has lectured worldwide on New Age subjects and recently co-authored with Richard Lawrence the first official biography of Dr. George King, The King Who Came to Earth. Visit: www.briankeneipp.com


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