From the dawn of time, we have been on a journey of soul building – creating vessels with the capabilities that our eternal spiritual selves needed to express within the physical world. Now we are on the verge of an entirely new paradigm where we get to merge our created selves with our eternal spirit selves and co-create a better world!

All that has gone before, and all that we do until we achieve that unity, is necessary and right for the purpose it was created. It wasn’t created to be the ultimate in love, joy and fulfillment. It was a workout machine for growing what I call ‘soul muscles’, giving these evolving vessels the strength, independence and potentials required by our eternal spirit selves. But within us, there has always been a longing for a better reality and that has kept us moving forward through lifetime after lifetime of growth.

The suffering and limitation we have known on this journey is the weight on our workout machine that builds our soul muscles. We can point the finger at those who have played the hateful or hurtful roles in our lives and our world and blame them for it. However, they are merely players on the stage of evolution. They have been scripted and contracted to fulfill those oppositional roles that force the growth which is needed. They were incapable of doing otherwise until that role was finished. In truth, someday we will be grateful for the role they played, and for the gifts we have gained because of them. This experience of gratitude and absolute forgiveness for all that has gone before awaits us as we merge our human and eternal aspects into a state of sovereign self-mastery.

Sovereign means that our eternal spiritual selves are present within the vessel of our human self, and our human self is fully partnered to co-create a better experience of life. This is our destiny.

Because we are stepping up to this new potential, our old reality is revealing a state of self-destruct.

It is easy to point the finger at those who most publicly behave destructively, but they are playing their scripted role. Their job is to make the old way so impossible that we go within and find the eternal presence of our true selves. From there, we are lifted into a new level of potential and life.

This process of change will eventually reach all of us, even those who are playing the destructive roles in our lives and world. When they no longer serve the greater good, they will change -– either by waking up to a different direction in their lives, or by leaving the world to begin again with a new set of contracts or ‘script’ for their next incarnation.
The same is true within our own bodies and souls. There are parts of us which are enlightened and parts of us which are self-destructive, parts of us which are confident and parts of us which are wounded…we are complex.

Each aspect of self has a script for life which causes it to play its perfect role in our growth and draws us inevitably toward the unity with true self, which is our goal.

In this process of evolution which leads toward ascension into unity with true self, all of us are innocent. We can’t see ourselves clearly when our script requires us to play an oppositional role in the lives of others, or even of ourselves. But when the wake-up alarm goes off because we have fulfilled that role and it is time to change, we awaken and may find ourselves ashamed of the roles we have played.

But think of life in the old world of our past as great theatre. The set, the scripts, the emotion and drama are completely believable, but when the curtain falls and the lights come up, we realize it is all just a story. A great, amazing drama that convinced us it was real. That is the truth about our old reality. Who we are is eternal, safe and unbreakable. We are innocent of the harm we have done, and no one is to blame for how we have been hurt. As we take off the old-world identity, it is like a costume, and we are revealed as an enlightened Being of unconditional love and purity.

I know this stretches the mind, but it is true. This is who we really are. The enlightened one within knows exactly what is needed to eek out the last bit of potential we are capable of. Then it will shift us up to our greater potential. This is our journey and it is an amazing time to be alive on planet Earth!


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