We Are Souls On A Journey


By Michael McAdams

We make our way as souls on a journey to a destination of our own creation. The corridor through which we travel in our quest to complete our journey is time. Time is an element that requires production. Within our thought system, our conscious perception of time requires attention but is a concept lost on many as they are distracted and many times overwhelmed by the day to day events that pull them to and fro. In reality, these events are doors being opened and opportunities being given for advancement as we make our way in this existence. Scientists will tell us that time as we know it does not really exist. Time is a series of moment points. As you sit reading this article at this moment the time for you is now. Two weeks ago whatever you were doing at this moment was for you now. A week from today you will be focused on a situation or endeavor that for you is happening now. The goal is to live always and forever in the eternal now. Not to say that you can’t look back and learn from things past. And man achieves his best when he is optimistic and has something to look forward to and strive for in the future. But as a matter of focus and experience in this vessel that is our physical body for the purpose of our soul’s advancement, we exist always and forever in the eternal now. Let this be your affirmation: There is no time. Thou shalt not age. I live always and forever in the eternal now.

From the collection of messages and teachings dictated directly from spirit teachers/angels that compose Wilma Jean Jones’ book “An Angel Told Me So” comes this excerpt from a message received in December of 1998. Yet again this message speaks directly to all sincere seekers of truth on a personal level as each reader feels they are being addressed as they deal with what is transpiring in their lives.

“Man strives to complete issues entirely on his own without the capability to focus within himself for the answers that would free the mind and bring relief. Reliance on God’s best judgments will bring to pass all that is subject to His will. Regardless of functions that require attention from time to time, authorities are standing by to accommodate requests. Although many times efforts seem to be without any foreseeable results, nevertheless advisors oversee opportunities that will open the door to allow the mind to perceive revelations that will guide your footsteps.”

This amazing collection of messages and teachings dictated directly from spirit teachers/angels from the other side compose the first of three volumes of Wilma Jean Jones’ book “An Angel Told Me So.” The book is available on Amazon, Barns and Noble, Balboa Press, Kindle, and Nook. Visit www.spiritspeaks.com to see Wilma Jean Jones’ television interview and view additional excerpts from the book. Also, tune in to Body Mind Spirit radio and hear Michael McAdams interview regarding this work or visit the archives if you miss it live.

But how do you know this to be true? An Angel Told Me So.


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