Whales and Human Evolution


If you’ve ever seen a whale in the wild, you’ve sensed the presence of great power, wisdom and infinite love. I’d like to introduce you to these beings from a spiritual perspective and help you understand more about who they really are.

Two years ago when I took my first trip to Hawaii, one of my great desires was to go on a whale watching cruise to see the humpback whales, who go there to winter in the warm water and raise their young. I had heard about the role of whales and dolphins in helping us to ascend to a higher level of consciousness, where we can work in partnership with The Creator in this world. Up until this time, this was hearsay that I felt was true, but hadn’t explored for myself.

I saw the whales spouting off shore at sunrise, my first day on Oahu. I felt awed and excited by the huge plumes of water that they shoot out from their blow hole. I was told that when a whale spouts, the plume consists of approximately one cup of water and a very strong blast of air rising high enough to be seen for miles!

As the date of our whale cruise arrived, I went into a meditative state and asked to connect with a whale. Immediately, I perceived the eye of a whale as though it were not far from me. I felt welcomed and assured that we would meet in person on the cruise. I felt reminded that I was supposed to work with the whales in my healing practice, to assist the healing and evolution of people and all life on the planet. It felt like I was beginning a new and deeper adventure in my work.

We did see lots of whales on our cruise. There were two pods that swam with us for a long time and we saw adults and little ones, very close. It was exciting and joyful to feel their intelligence, playfulness and love.

During the two years following that trip, I would visit with the whales in spirit and was guided to work much more deeply with the healing of the planet and all who live on it. I was asked by a particular whale to do a series of advanced healing classes for my graduate students, where together we developed tools and skills to assist with our individual and collective evolution to a state of unity and unconditional love, here on planet earth. If you listen to the news, you may think that these ideas are unrealistic, but when you listen to your heart and your soul, you will know that we are well on our way. And THAT is EXCITING!

This winter I was able to return to Oahu and again saw the whales spouting and this time leaping out of the water, fins flying through the morning air off shore at dawn! When planning the trip I had called the cruise line and they told me that since Christmas they had only two whale sitings on the cruise I was scheduling for and only one on their other cruise. I tuned in with my whale friends and was told that if I went on the cruise they would come, so I scheduled.

This cruise runs from one end of Honolulu Bay tothe other, where the Humpbacks have come forever during the winter to enjoy the warm water, which is easier for their babies to handle. Amazingly, the adults don’t eat the whole season since their food source is unavailable in Hawaii’s warm waters.

When the day arrived, our boat cruised the full length of the Bay without any whale sign at all. I began to feel discouraged and doubt my spiritual information. I was standing at the very front of the boat and as it turned away from the bay toward the deeper ocean I was the first guest on board to see a whale spout directly ahead and in the distance. The captain announced that a whale spout had been seen and that we would leave the bay and travel the three or four miles to see it.

As we neared the area where it had been, without seeing it again, I began to worry. Then I realized that directly ahead of us was a cloud shaped exactly like a leaping humpback whale. It was as if to say: ‘ Don’t worry, I’m coming!’ About 10 minutes later, we saw a young male whale flap his tail at us! After that this young male followed us for about an hour. He surfaced about every 4 minutes, showing us the beautiful arch humpbacks make when they surface and dive. This was despite the fact that they ordinarily only surface every 20 minutes.

When we finally had to go inside to get lunch, I sent a message of thanks to the whale for coming and keeping us such good company. While I was dishing up my meal, he surfaced right outside the window of the serving line and then when I had to go to my table, which was on the other side of the boat; he swam under the boat and surfaced right in front of our table!!! I tuned in again and I felt such a strong and exuberant wave of love from him. He told me that he wanted me to know that I am loved and that he came to see me. I felt extremely blessed, grateful, joyful… What a gift!

As we exited the ship, I stopped the head naturalist to ask where all the whales were. I was worried that there was just the one. She told me that on another island, where she also does tours, there are so many it is almost an infestation! They have been leaving Honolulu Bay due to so much boat traffic.

Later, I touched in with our young whale again to see if he went back to his pod. No, he was off to another island to support another group of whale lovers so that they would know they were loved too. It was easier to listen and talk to the whale when I wasn’t whooping and jumping up and down on the ship, but instead sitting in quiet meditation. I asked him how the whales were going to be able to handle the climate changes earth is undergoing. He told me that they would be able to adapt and that he is one of a new generation of whales who can handle the climate changes more easily. I was thrilled!

What I have learned about the whales is that they are an incarnation of the divine beings who helped to create our world and who are working to move it into a more enlightened state. As we get to know them in our hearts and our souls, we find that they are also teaching us how to be a part of that evolutionary process. They are reminding us of who we really are, which is co-creators with God, learning how to work with The Creator to give birth to a world that we will really enjoy living in.

Eve Wilson


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