What Choice Do You Have?


Do you ever think to yourself, “I know I need to think bigger, be aware of my potential and stop thinking these negative thoughts?” I want better in my life, more too. And yet thoughts creep in that say, “I can’t do that; no way am I capable of such joy and abundance.”

But why do THEY get something, and I don’t? Why am I limited in how big I imagine AND receive? The truth is, others are not any more gifted or graced than you or me. We limit ourselves with the thoughts we have, and the words we say –- and the essence we present to the world. I once heard that “devil” is “lived” backward and “evil” is “live” backward.

Error thinking is those thoughts that limit us, that keep me restricted and wanting, but not receiving. Some of us grew up thinking the devil put these thoughts into my head or this or that is evil in our lives. But the reality is, the devil and evil are merely our own selves allowing wrong thoughts and error thinking.

No one said it would be easy to live by God’s will or to mimic Jesus’ way of being. Have you noticed that throughout the Bible we are told that we can do and be like Jesus? He is our way shower. Again and again, he reminded himself, “Thy will, not mine.” He wanted “this cup” to pass him by just like we wish our challenges and heartaches would pass us by. During those really hard times, he turned to prayer and meditation, his quiet time. And afterward, he came away with a knowing, a peace, and an expanded awareness that helped him face what he needed to do.

So why not do the same? What choices do I have? Your will, not mine. To get to a place of peace, of feeling like we have the potential to be and do our best, and to express the loving essence that we are, we need to go to a place of quiet contemplation FIRST AND EVERY DAY. Prayer and meditation lead to answers, to the desires of our heart. This is how we hear the will of God. This is how we move from the experiences of being sad, limited, small thinking to experiences of greatness and living to our full potentials. This is how we change our thinking!


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