High Vibe


The ebb and flow of the universe create a rhythmic vibrational dance that resonates deep in our soul. It is the fabric of this universal stream of consciousness that helps humanity evolve. The query is, How connected are you? Do you feel you are living up to your full potential in life? Are you comfortable just getting through a day? Are you feeling a transitional prompting from your higher self?

Don’t let negative thoughts weigh you down from the buoyancy in life. Your thoughts invite expansiveness or constriction. In other words, your thoughts are either high-power or weak-power attractor fields, such as happiness or pain, positivity or negativity. Your innate desire is to rise above the current of negativity to satisfaction. Once you identify the emotion/feeling that is obstructing your connection to happiness, you can begin to build high-power attractor fields (thoughts).

High-power attractor fields can shift a situation in your favor. For example, as I was driving one morning I felt a wave of depression and death penetrate into my thoughts. I asked, “Is this mine?” I feel quite happy actually, or at least I did. I knew it wasn’t mine so immediately I gave it back to whence it came while waiting for the light to change, by affirming that I wasn’t accepting it and raised my vibration with, I am happy, I am holy, I love life.

I was going make a left-hand turn, and a song came on the radio that I liked as the green arrow light lit up. I looked down to turn up the volume which made me a little slow pressing the gas. As I looked up, I realized my car wasn’t moving even with my foot on the gas. Time seemed to have stopped, then to my surprise, a vehicle sped through the red light that would have crashed into my car had I turned. The incident felt so surreal, and I know that by raising my vibration I saved my life.

As you begin to think positive thoughts, you will feel a release of negative emotions. It is better to be gentle by adding the next highest vibrational thought instead of jumping to ones you can’t feel yet. Doing this creates a space for you to connect more deeply with the high vibrational feeling that resonates with you. If you are unfamiliar with the vibrational frequency that emotions carry, there is a wonderful book by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., “Power vs. Force”. When you are at a high-power vibe anchor it in; this change in perception connects you with the path of least resistance where experiences that are beneficial for you will show up.

Personal transformation connects us to the universal pulse that nurtures our inner-being and is life-affirming. Constriction is small, uncomfortable and at times, painful. Expansion is the closest we will feel to the expression of unconditional love in our human form. Namaste’


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