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What Do You Want From Life?

What Do You Want From Life?

By Susan deCaussin

What DO you want from life? Once you’ve answered that question, I want you to realize that it’s not really that “thing” that you want. It’s the feeling that you believe having that “thing” would give you. The feeling – that’s what you truly want!

Some people connect to an old family recipe, thinking it was the best food they ever tasted. Well, it’s not necessarily because the dish is so amazing. It’s really about the feelings that surface when the warm memories related to it begin to surface. 

As we each move through life, we can find ourselves continuously chasing down the next thing, somehow thinking that our lives will be much better once we have it. It’s like getting that new car. After a few months, the excitement subsides, and, before you know it, you’ve got your sights set on something else. Something that you just HAVE to have. As soon as your subconscious mind realizes that the feeling you craved wasn’t satisfied, you begin looking for another solution. You trick yourself into believing that by acquiring those things, you’ll feel ________ (fill in the blank) love, happiness, peace, worthiness, etc. But, all along, it’s never been about the things. It’s always been about the underlying emotions that are seeking to be satisfied.

To move beyond the game of constantly chasing down the next best thing – believing that it will somehow make your life complete – you have to look inward. Ask yourself, “What feeling am I trying to satisfy by acquiring that thing?” If you really want a high-paying job, what is the underlying feeling that you’re seeking? Is it happiness, security, the respect and admiration of others, or a feeling of self-worth?

Ultimately, when you get right down to it, we all want the same things in life. We all want to be loved, safe, and feel a sense of purpose. Along the way, each of us has tried to achieve those goals in various ways. When you see a happy person, you may think that by replicating every aspect of their life, you’ll also experience happiness. But, in actuality, you don’t want their life. You want the way you think it will make you feel.  

When you start to work on satisfying the underlying emotions driving you to acquire “things,” you begin to acquire the healing you’ve been seeking from the beginning. The ability to feel safe loved, and purposeful. This is where true peace resides. 

The manifestation process, which in my opinion is frequently misunderstood, is not about acquiring wealth or material possessions. It’s really about attracting the energy which satisfies your underlying emotional needs. Focusing on the energy associated with feeling secure will attract into your life (manifest) situations that supply that feeling. It’s about aligning with the frequency of what you want, then allowing the Universe to provide you with situations that will satisfy that need. 

While you may be convinced that a high-paying job is an answer to feeling secure, the Universe may instead choose to bring relationships into your life that will fill that void. By only focusing on that job and blocking out all other possibilities, you’re limiting your options for bringing about feelings of security in your life.  

Focus on the feeling. Align with that frequency. Then, stay alert and see what people and opportunities will present themselves to you. While it’s unpredictable living this way, it’s also very exciting. Like opening up a gift every moment of every day, never knowing what to expect. Namaste’ Susan

Susan deCaussin CHt

Healing Methods LLC


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, 

Siwa Murti (Balinese Healing) Practitioner/Teacher, 

Spiritual Advisor



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