What is our connection to Melchizedek?


How it began

In early 1986, Daniel Chesbro received guidance, saying simply, “It is time to call the Priests.” With that statement and through subsequent dreams, Dan was guided to start the Order of Melchizedek.

Dan was already an ordained minister, having completed American Baptist seminary after college. But he knew the messages and synchronicities were too strong to ignore. After receiving guidance regarding the actual ceremony, Rev. Dan ordained the first two priests, a man, and a woman, on Easter Sunday, March 22, 1986.

Rev. Dan started an incorporated, non-denominational church called the Sanctuary of the Beloved Church in Conesus, NY, to follow his mission to ordain people into the Order of Melchizedek. Since then, his work has taken him all over the U.S. and Canada, Europe, India, Tibet, and Egypt. Over 16,000 people from diverse backgrounds have chosen to be ordained by Dan into the Order of Melchizedek. This does not cancel out any other religious affiliation a person may have; it is a compliment to one’s spiritual path that carries no obligations.

Who was Melchizedek?

Rev. Dan says that of the many incarnations that “The Christ” assumed to serve the human condition, one is Melchizedek, a balanced being— as a Priest and as a King— and spiritually androgynous. Being more “spirit” than “physical,” they appeared on the Earth without a birth experience. Melchizedek is said to have written The Book of Job and the teachings on the principle of “The Law of One.” Upon completing his physical work, he left the earth plane through true spontaneous combustion.

Melchizedek is beloved by many faiths as a great teacher and prophet. The “School of the Prophets” and the Essene Order result from his earthwork.

Some Biblical references to Melchizedek are:

Psalms 110 : 4

Genesis 14 : 18-20

Acts 10 : 35

Ezra 2 : 59-62

Hebrews 5: 7-10, 6 : 19-20, 7 : 1-17

The Order

The Order of Melchizedek is a priesthood of individuals committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition as it emerges into the Age of Aquarius. The Order has come into physical form now because of the Earth transformation that is taking place. IT LAST CAME INTO BEING IN PREPARATION FOR THE COMING OF CHRIST!!

 The Order of Melchizedek does not discriminate; thus, everyone is welcomed. The Order is not a religion but a service order. Each Priest is legally ordained under the “Sanctuary of the Beloved” in New York State and the United States. Ordained priests may start their own church or just practice privately.

 Priests are not required to “give up” anything they believe in or resign from any other organizations or religious orders they are already involved with. There is no doctrine they must follow. There is no dogma, no hierarchy. (And no vows of celibacy or poverty!)

Why you may be called to do this

Those who do healing work, energy work, bodywork, or intuitive readings may wish to become ordained as a form of legitimacy and protection. When I started studying Reiki and doing readings in the 1990s, it was recommended to have a ministerial designation as legal protection due to the “laying on of hands” that some religions practice.

Rev. Dan also reminds us that we have signed up for this cosmic event, to be born as a Lightworker at this time, help birth the spiritual evolution of the Human Condition and the life of planet Earth as it moves into the Age of Aquarius. “Every past life you ever created is here with you now, as you endeavor to serve and progress in your growth to your next incarnation, in whichever or whatever domain you choose…So best foot forward, chin up, smile, and give it your all….after all, you promised!”

Getting ordained is also a wonderful statement of commitment to your spiritual path. It lets people know you are serious about helping others. Often, soon after people have become ordained in the Order, opportunities come forward for new priests to rise to the occasion! (Kind of like “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”) I had my ordination certificate shrunk down and laminated to carry in my wallet for the times when, for example, I want to visit people in the hospital who are restricted from receiving non-family members.

Also, this Ordination confers a legal title of minister upon participants. As an ordained priest, you will be able to perform legal weddings, baptisms, funerals/memorials, sacred rituals, and ceremonies. I’ve performed one wedding and two funerals. (Both funerals were for the same lady! But that’s another story…)

The ordained receive an ordination certificate, but — one of the most special parts — they receive an “energy transfer” during the ordination ceremony, LIKE AN ATTUNEMENT! Some have captured an intense White Light on digital cameras during the proceedings. (See the photo carousel on the ESC web page for examples.) This is a profoundly moving experience you can’t get from an online ordination!

The event

The next opportunity in Michigan to become ordained into the Order of Melchizedek is Sunday, June 26, 2022, at the Enlightened Soul Center & Shop in Ann Arbor. People from around the country have come to Michigan to be ordained by Rev. Dan. He drives from New York, so he limits where he offers the Ordination, and he doesn’t do them remotely or virtually.

During this four-hour event, you will learn the history of the priesthood and the Melchizedek energies and incarnations. Also, Rev. Chesbro will speak on the legal ramifications of becoming a priest allowed to perform weddings, baptisms, sacred rituals, and ceremonies.

 To complete the Ordination, you receive an “energy boost.” It is a brief and sacred ceremony with a universal yet individual impact. Rev. Dan incorporates silver & water into the anointing to include the feminine energies and gold & oil to bring in the masculine.

Masks are required, and light snacks will be served. The cost of $199 covers all fees.

To register for the Ordination or to learn more, go to: https://www.enlightenedsoulcenter.com/ordination-ceremony

For more information on Rev. Daniel Chesbro, visit: http://goldenlionmedia.com/sotb/


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