GOD will turn your Trauma into TRIUMPH!


by Jill Janiec 

Hi beautiful friends, 

We all have experienced some trauma in our past, especially in the last two years; we have seen an increase. Some have lost loved ones; others lost jobs and businesses; some have had to deal with ongoing sickness, separations in relationships, and taking care of our elderly parents, and finances have been a challenge to keep up with all the economic changes. We are wondering, will it ever get better? I want to bring you HOPE today and say. Yes, a future and a new life are waiting for you to overcome trauma and turn it into TRIUMPH! The first step is to realize and admit that you need healing and recovery. The restoration process begins when we turn back to God, knowing that we can’t do it ourselves, and ask his help for divine intervention. You must realize that this is bigger than you, and you need to let go of the control of the past to move forward into your beautiful future. It’s time to rest, reset, refresh, and rebuild your heart, mind, and soul by the still waters. It’s time to recreate your life with your creator’s love and power! Here are some steps that will be strategic in accelerating your trauma into TRIUMPH. 

  • Take one day at a time. Be patient with yourself and others in the process. 
  • Forgive yourself and forgive others that hurt you and you have hurt.  
  • Release and pray and let go of negative emotions attached to that trauma. For example, hurt, pain, shock, bitterness, anger, resentment, and offense. Now replace it and receive and declare joy, acceptance, love, peace, forgiveness, freedom, hope, faith, and a new future with new adventures coming your way.
  • Get connected and stay in the community with those that will love you and be there for you. You can’t do this alone. Walking together with others will help you accelerate the healing process to the finish line—for example, Small groups, counselors, doctors, church, close friends, and family support. 
  • Be grateful to God and be thankful for people. Celebrate the little signs and wonders you see along the way that brings light to your path.  
  • Start a vision board. Start dreaming of your future and write down how you will use your gifts, talents, and experiences to tell your story of your comeback, bringing HOPE to help others with what you have overcome.  
  • Exercise and get movement daily, get plenty of sleep, get into the sunlight, walk barefoot in the grass, take lots of water and calming teas, and take seven cleansing breathes a day to reset your nervous system. 
  • Here are some foods and supplements that will help your nervous system calm down and heal from trauma, bringing balance and homeostasis.  
  • Green leafy vegetables, fish, dark chocolate, broccoli, eggs, salmon, avocados, almonds, walnuts, asparagus, zucchini, sweet potato, quinoa, bananas, oranges, pomegranate, prunes, blueberries, kale, lemons, apples, nuts, fermented foods, healthy fats for the brain, coconut oil, and fish oil.  
  • Vitamin A, B-complex, C,D,E, zinc, selenium, Calcium, magnesium, potassium, probiotics. 
  • Learning something new will help stimulate your brainpower and awaken your soul to a new you, you have never discovered. 
  • Take some art classes, pottery, dance classes, singing, and play a new instrument. 
  • Before long as you start incorporating these new ways and truths in your life, trauma will be a thing of the past, and you will begin to begin soaring and launching into your unique destiny and purpose, free from the past weights and flying into a future that is bright, bold and beautiful. Blessings and Peace be yours. -Jill Janiec 


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