What’s Your Frequency?


Written by Susan deCaussin

How can one person see only darkness and pain in the world, and another sees only goodness? How is this possible if they are both living in the same dimension? It has to do with what they’re tuning into. Just like a radio can be tuned to different frequencies, so can we. Although it can be easier to believe that we are simply victims of circumstance, destined to experience whatever crosses our path – be that good or be that bad – it simply is not true.

Everything in the Universe exists in unlimited proportions. And all of it is available to you – ALL of it. A never-ending spectrum of possibilities exist at all times, in all circumstances, providing limitless opportunities for you to place your attention on whatever you choose to focus on at any given moment. Think about it, from white to black, sweet to sour, large to tiny, weak to strong, happy to sad, and everything in between. We truly live in a limitless Universe.  

So, going back to that original question, how can one person have a miserable life experience at the same time that another is experiencing joy? Well, suppose you really adopt the understanding that everything is abundantly available. In that case, you can then begin to chart a course for a happier and more fulfilling life by determining what it is that you want on that limitless spectrum and purposely deciding to shift your focus in that direction. 

In the same way that ten people can witness an event and you can receive ten very different accounts of what happened, everyone’s life experience is based on what they choose to tune into. And if everything exists in unlimited amounts at all times, the choice is totally up to you. Every event in life has aspects that can be framed as positive and negative, and you can train your brain to see goodness by purposely shifting your attention to the upside of each situation. In the beginning, doing this can be a struggle, especially if you’ve become good at identifying things’ downside. But, your happiness begins to soar when you have trained yourself to be more focused. 

Now, does this mean that all of the bad stuff ceases to exist? No, of course not. As I stated earlier, it’s ALL available, and you have the power to tune into whatever frequency and vibration you choose. The contrast is good, however. It provides us the opportunity to fully appreciate all that life has to offer. But it’s important to note that while embracing contrast, we always have the choice to tune into those things that bring about joy and happiness within us.

The caveat to this change is that once you are completely focused on the good in everything, the elevated vibration you’ll achieve will begin to create an environment of healing for your physical body. 

If you find it difficult to change your thinking and are riddled with negative thoughts, Clinical Hypnotherapy is an easy way to turn things around. I offer complimentary consultations by phone and in person and am happy to assist you in changing your frequency. 

Susan deCaussin CHt


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