2023 Resonance with the Divine

Written by Miche Lame’

As this new year starts up and we look back on the past year and the year to come that we want, making a list of our goals is not enough. How often do we make goals for the new year that only fall through?

Wanting something is often not enough to get it. Because we are vibrational beings constantly in flux, we need to think and act in ways that reinforce our desired goals and our desired energetic patterns. The idea is creating resonance. Resonance is a principle whereas one vibration can affect another positively. When there is dissonance, the vibrational energies are at odds with one another, disharmonious, and we don’t get what we want. When there is resonance, it’s like energy meets like energy.

It’s like the Law of Attraction; we attract what we want when we are in a positive state of vibrational energy because the resonance supports what we want. We want positivity and love in our lives, and when we think and act positively, feel love and act lovingly, we get it. We want love yet act in selfish, unloving ways and have unloving thoughts – chances are we won’t receive it. We aren’t giving out what we want; we receive what we give.

So if we want to increase our vibrational energy and create resonance with what we want, we need to discover ways to do that. As mentioned above, being mindful about having positive thoughts about what we desire helps create resonance for what we want. Being vigilant to recognize and own our negative thoughts helps because then we can transform them into positive thoughts. We are not getting rid of negative thoughts; we are owning and transforming them. This creates a positive, energetic pattern and support for the things we want.

Another way to raise our vibration is by meditation, intentionally connecting with our higher self, our divine self, which is naturally of a higher vibration. This positive, divine energy assists us in gaining our desires when we write a list or create a positive vision board. This energetic vibration would then be in resonance, supportive, with our positive energy, and we are more likely to think, act and receive what we desire. By bringing down this divine energy, we are also transforming our own energy, our own energetic patterns that make us – well- us – creating a vibrational energy that is higher, more Divine, and we connect – resonate- more with our Source, our Divine Creator.

We are not our thoughts and behaviors – we are energy that is learning to be divine. We can support that by transforming our energy with resonance and resonating with the positive.

We can also utilize visualization to transform who we are. The more we visualize being and thinking as our Higher Self, the more we become that – that is, again, resonance supporting a transformation of our lower energy into the higher energy of the Divine. We are changing the energetic patterns of our being into ones more in alignment with the divine energetic patterns of our Creator.

So let’s mindfully create resonance with the higher vibrations of the Divine and achieve our desires while creating heaven on earth. It’s who we are meant to be – our best self – living our best life.

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’, M.A.L.L.P


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