You Are Just Right


By Eve Wilson

Looking in the mirror, what do you see? It probably depends on the moment and how you are feeling about yourself and your life. 

Perhaps someone was happy to see you, then you see yourself with a smile, and it makes you feel attractive and lovable. 

Perhaps someone snubbed you, and then your image doesn’t seem so attractive, and your insecurity shows through. There is a lot of insecurity in human relationships, which can make us insecure about our value.  

Take some time to meditate and align your heart, mind, and soul with your eternal spiritual essence. 

That essence is one with the One and is beautiful, harmonious, and unconditionally loving. Then look in the mirror again and see yourself from this perspective. You will find you are just right!

There is a reason for each of the traits and qualities that we have chosen in our human forms. I have often asked myself why my higher self chose my father’s legs instead of my mother’s, and I would have loved her cheekbones and bigger eyes. But my father was the unconditionally loving one, and we have been close through most of our lifetimes. Mom was difficult…judgmental, fearful, and angry. I guess I didn’t want to see her in the mirror every day!  

I have been told that being very petite is something I’ve chosen in most of my lifetimes as a personal joke because I am anything but petite in spirit!

I love the higher perspective that comes when I align my mind and heart with my true spiritual essence. 

It helps to override the insecurities of being human. To love myself even when I don’t feel sufficiently loved by others. To accept my weaknesses because I know my strengths. 

To remember why I chose these challenges so I know I am not a victim but a servant of healing in this world.

Each of us is an eternal spiritual facet of the One. We are unique, potent, and essential. The circumstances of our lives were chosen in service to the world. Both our positive impact and what might be seen as negative impact are orchestrated parts of the world story.  

Unconditional love has brought us here to grow our individuality and to help others do that as well. So, whenever you feel a lack of love, see it as an opportunity to fulfill your purpose here. 

Go within and seek guidance on what is needed. Is it healing of an old wound that is required? Is it loving and forgiving yourself or others? Whatever it is, once it is done, you will find that love flows to you from within, from spirit, and more easily from others as well. You will somehow find reassurance that you are worthy of love.

Our world is in the process of ascending. Instead of being contractually blocked from unity with the Higher Self, we are now being reconnected to fulfill our true purpose of co-creating life. Our Higher Selves’ higher intelligence and unconditional love are ready to partner with our human self. This will heal all hatred, blame, and insecurity. It will make us whole and help us bring wholeness to this world. 

Spend time in meditation, opening your heart to your Higher Self and learning who you really are. 

Then the mirrors of life will reflect that back to you. Love is who you are…there is never a shortage when you know yourself truly. Even knowing that you may still feel a lack sometimes. That feeling is a message to bring love into the world. It’s a job worth doing!


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