You Have A Mission


By Barbra White

You have a mission and a mandate to awaken. You can use spirituality to feel better and soothe your existential fear of death or awaken to the Golden Vortex You Are. Spirituality as a panacea will only calm you as you go to slaughter.

Real spirituality. Real self-acceptance. It is a fierce conviction to know Love, be loved, and act for the community’s good….even if your reputation, body, or false societal belonging is threatened. Are you willing? Or would you instead get the bills paid and be approved?

Be honest. Are you truly willing? Willing to drop the incessant complaining, self-analysis, and bemoaning that the world does not ‘get’ you? Are you ready to admit you would rather be right and convince others you have been ‘wronged’ than stand as the King, Queen, and Dignified Vortex of Love—you were born to be?

Fear is not the message; it is the messenger. You can indulge your emotions or see them as messengers to change your limiting beliefs about yourself and act as the benevolent presence you were born to be.

Self-acceptance embraces all parts to open your energy to Grace, possibilities, and new ways of being. If you are still trying to accept the same issue…. again and again…. It’s because YOU have forgotten to fall through the doorway to your True identity as Love, Soul, Oneness with Nature, or Christ Consciousness. You forgot that you use the spirituality tools to SURRENDER to your true Soul identity. Spiritual tools can become a religion or dogma to “validate” your persona of a “good person.”

It’s time to be dissolved into your True Self. Are you willing? Are you “All in” into the Divine?

Fear is always a sign that you are playing small. You have become over-identified as your issues, parental wounds, and human fables. Love is eternal, and we are always growing. However, awakening to the Love you Are, does not need to always be through continual self-analysis. Connection with nature, song, communion with the divine, affirmative prayer, and giving Love truly detached from the outcomes as a practice.….can invite you into Soul identity.

The process of becoming and embodying Who You Truly Are is always the process of letting go. Oneness… Soul Identification…it’s the unknown. Learn to trust the fertility of uncertainty. Learn to listen—moment to moment. Stop thinking; you need to plan your whole life and figure everything out. The unknown is your Greatness and true Soul freedom.

Your Soul is bigger than your issues. Is your understanding of God or Divine Mother bigger than your problems? Great God–Divine Mother, anchored within your embodiment? If so, you would no longer fall into such harsh judgment of yourself and others.
Your preciousness and intrinsic Oneness, when surrendered to –in YOUR body’s FELT presence—does NOT allow emotional waters and scarcity thoughts to invade your speech. —-There is a communion with the Divine that you are desperately craving. —

Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic through more self-analysis and more fighting to prove you are good enough…will drain your essence.

It’s always too simple. The ego craves complexity; it feeds its demons. You would rather cage the wildness of the Great Loving Spirit than be obliterated by her Radiance.
How do you know you are doing this? If life becomes hard, it’s because you have made it so. Resistance is always a sign that you are leaning on your own understanding. The Divine is you, dwells as you, and seeks to work through you. It’s an invitation ONLY YOU can make.

Shamanic Eco Sessions here at Mother Bear with WhiteCrow– $250. 2 ½ hours. Open to the Great Mother, embody your Spirit, and learn how to connect deeply to nature, your energy, and intrinsic Soul oneness.

Feminine Presence-Christ Vision
July 6th-9th All Genders Welcome. Sound Bowl Healing, Horse Presence Process, Kwan Yin Magdalene Ceremony, Intuitive healing from WhiteCrow, animal communication, and learning to work with plant allies. $515 for pre-session, retreat, food, and lodging.
Woods and barn camping are available.


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