The Evolution of Enlightenment


by Eve Wilson

Everything is always evolving to the next level of potential. Evolution is not a straight line, though. Like a river, it winds and sometimes falsely appears to be backtracking or regressing to a lower level of potential. One aspect of evolution is spiritual. It may not appear that humans are evolving spiritually, but as a spiritual healer, I see that we are. It is the most significant level of growth on earth.

People often seek enlightenment and enlightened paths through ancient techniques. This can provide many ways to grow spiritually. However, if you think of enlightenment as an evolving process, there may be more effective ways than going into the past to find it. What we need today is unique to the present, though we find precursors of it in the past.

Historically people have used techniques that pull us out of our bodies to achieve clarity of spirit without physical distraction. This is an effective way to get a clear spiritual perspective on life. It allows people to be more peaceful and respond to life with more objectivity. It provides vision and understanding and is truly enlightening.

However, the spiritual evolution of our current time requires something additional. We need objectivity and clarity within our physical bodies, emotions, and mind to spiritualize our human experience. Doing this allows our human selves to ascend to a higher vibration creating unity with the eternal spirit, which brings enlightenment into our world. We partner with body, emotion, mind, soul, and spirit through that unity to co-create a better reality.

This is a challenging path. Those of us who have enjoyed the clarity and peace of a spiritual focus that has lifted us out of our bodies want to have that experience in everything we do. However, the lower energies of our human body and consciousness can temporarily overwhelm our spiritual peace.

As a World Healer and Ascension Worker, I assist people through the journey of awakening enlightenment within their human experience. Through various classes, my award-winning blog The Weekly Word for Healing and Ascension, and through healing treatments, I walk people step by step along that path, lending them my strong spiritual muscle and skill. I am teaching folks to co-create a better reality through a partnership with Inner Wisdom, Higher Self, and the essence of the truth of God or the One Source if you prefer that name.

Awakening eternal spirit within our human selves is like pouring pure water into a glass of dirty water. The dirty water rises and is flushed out, initially giving the appearance of more dirt! However, that is just the process of clearing. We need to be strong in our Inner Wisdom to hold steady and allow the lower vibrations of our bodies, emotions, and minds to release the heavy old stuff and ascend to greater clarity and peace. This journey of many deepenings and clearings leads to the experience we call ascension into the new world.

It helps to remember, as we work on awakening enlightenment within our human capacities, why we chose to separate our experience from our spiritual oneness in the first place! My book Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing, and Spiritual Growth for Our World attempts to explain that. From that spiritual perspective on the evolution of humanity and spiritual enlightenment, people can find the courage and strength to ascend and become free of so much that causes suffering. We are evolving to be able to co-create life from unconditional love and realize the potential we have always known was possible within humanity and our world.


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