Polish the Mirror Today and see the Beloved


Polish the Mirror Today and see the Beloved 

By Barbra White

You can be a host to the Divine or hostage to your ego 

The ego-mind is like a devil in your head..who wants to keep you from changing. It will keep you from doing nourishing things for yourself or changing a painful habit. 

Nature can help you to wake back up to your innate wholeness. 

Put your feet to the Earth or your hand on a tree, breath into your body, and receive its presence. Remember, what you are touching is also touching you. Let life in. 

“Original sin” is the forgetting of who we are. I don’t believe it has as much to do with theology as it does our psychology. The most tragic split (“or sin”) is when, as a precious young child, we believe we had to become something other than ourselves- to appease or gain the approval of our caretakers. (In attachment psychology, this is called the “split from the authentic self” to gain a connection with our caretakers. It is a survival static) 

Look for yourself in the world—and you will lose yourself. 

That what you’re seeking is already here. Your True Self can be forgotten through suffering; however, the Real You never leave. 

Feeling separate from our original True Self, we seek to fill it with the Earth’s resources, a person, or things. Feeling separate, we take from nature without thought for future generations.

Remembering we are whole magnificent, and Divine…..doesn’t make us treat others cruelly – in fact, it does the opposite. Relaxing into our inherent goodness causes people to not hoard or act from scarcity. (Over-work, withhold love)

Letting go to the Beloved as you, there are now inward capacities to be independent of the “good opinion” of others. 

How we identify is how we act. For example, if I identify as an athlete, I will probably go work out. Identify as the Beloved…as an expression of Love.

I will act and speak from Love 

Life has pain–Suffering is optional. Suffering is when we forget who we are in the midst of that pain. Our ego-mind creates stories like: “It is something we are lacking” –“or life is against us.”

Einstein said something to the effect—- you can decide if you live in a friendly or hostile universe. This decision decides your happiness.

It is a courageous choice to remember your wholeness. The ego-mind would rather you identify with your patterns, stories, accomplishments, or failures. I believe the inward journey is awakening to all those limited self-identities and relaxing back to our true identity as the Beloved. 

“ Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists; herein lies the peace of God” ACIM. That what changes can be threatened. Surrendering and letting go to your True Self brings real inner peace. Opening to the Beloved within is a process of coming home to your body and to the Earth. 

Embodied present moment awareness invites us into eternity…into peace. 

Eternity is not a very long time. It is ever-present now. 

Inner peace is possible. 

Barbra WhiteCrow M.A, Di.hom is an eco-therapist, best-selling author, qi-gong practitioner, intuitive empathic healer, and social activist. She is committed to compassion for herself and all living beings.

April 9, 10-12 pm trauma healing yoga and chi-gong in nature near horses.

April 23rd, 10-5 pm. Coming home to Yourself-Coming Home to the Earth. MotherBearSanctuary.com, MotherBearBarbra@gmail.com 


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